Circuits and Circuit Theory MCQ test - Set 07 - ObjectiveBooks

Circuits and Circuit Theory MCQ test - Set 07

Practice Test: Question Set - 07

1. A pure capacitor connected across an A.C. voltage consumed 50 W. This is due to
    (A) The capacitive reactance in ohms
    (B) The current flowing in capacitor
    (C) The size of the capacitor being quite big
    (D) The statement is incorrect

2. The period of a wave is
    (A) The same as frequency
    (B) Time required to complete one cycle
    (C) Expressed in amperes
    (D) None of the above

3. The r.m.s. value and mean value is the same in the case of
    (A) Triangular wave
    (B) Sine wave
    (C) Square wave
    (D) Half wave rectified sine wave

4. Poor power factor
    (A) Reduces load handling capability of electrical system
    (B) Results in more power losses in the electrical system
    (C) Overloads alternators, transformers and distribution lines
    (D) Results in all above

5. Power factor of the system is kept high
    (A) To reduce line losses
    (B) To maximize the utilization of the capacities of generators, lines and transformers
    (C) To reduce voltage regulation of the line
    (D) Due to all above reasons

6. Inductance of coil
    (A) Is unaffected by the supply frequency
    (B) Decreases with the increase in supply frequency
    (C) Increases with the increase in supply frequency
    (D) Becomes zero with the increase in supply frequency

7. Which of the following coil will have large resonant frequency?
    (A) A coil with large resistance
    (B) A coil with low resistance
    (C) A coil with large distributed capacitance
    (D) A coil with low distributed capacitance

8. At very low frequencies a series R-C circuit behaves as almost purely
    (A) Resistive
    (B) Inductive
    (C) Capacitive
    (D) None of the above

9. The phosphors for which of the following pair are 180° out of phase for VL, VC and VR?
    (A) VC and VR
    (B) VL and VR
    (C) VC and VL
    (D) None of the above

10. The period of a sine wave is _________ seconds. Its frequency is
    (A) 20 Hz
    (B) 30 Hz
    (C) 40 Hz
    (D) 50 Hz

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