Multiple Choice Questions on RLC Circuits and Resonance - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Multiple Choice Questions on RLC Circuits and Resonance - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. If the resistance in parallel with a parallel resonant circuit is reduced, the bandwidth
    (A) Disappears
    (B) Becomes sharper
    (C) Increases
    (D) Decreases

2. To tune a parallel resonant circuit to a higher frequency, the capacitance should be
    (A) Increased
    (B) Decreased
    (C) Left alone
    (D) Replaced with inductance

3. A 15 Ω resistor, an inductor with 8 Ω inductive reactance, and a capacitor with 12 Ω capacitive reactance are in parallel across an ac voltage source. The circuit impedance is
    (A) 12.7 Ω
    (B) 127 Ω
    (C) 4,436 Ω
    (D) 6,174 Ω

4. In a parallel RLC circuit, the smaller reactance determines the net reactance of the circuit.
    (A) True
    (B) False

5. If the value of C in a series RLC circuit is decreased, the resonant frequency
    (A) Is not affected
    (B) Increases
    (C) Is reduced to zero
    (D) Decreases

6. A 12 Ω resistor, a 40 μF capacitor, and an 8 mH coil are in series across an ac source. The resonant frequency is
    (A) 28.1 Hz
    (B) 281 Hz
    (C) 2,810 Hz
    (D) 10 kHz

7. A series resonant circuit is commonly called a tank circuit.
    (A) True
    (B) False

8. In a series RLC circuit that is operating above the resonant frequency, the current
    (A) Lags the applied voltage
    (B) Leads the applied voltage
    (C) Is in phase with the applied voltage
    (D) Is zero

9. The impedance at the resonant frequency of a series RLC circuit with L = 20 mH, C = 0.02 μF, and RW = 90 Ω is
    (A) 0 Ω
    (B) 90 Ω
    (C) 20 Ω
    (D) 40 Ω

10. A 24 Ω resistor, an inductor with a reactance of 120 Ω, and a capacitor with a reactance of 120 Ω are in series across a 60 V source. The circuit is at resonance. The voltage across the inductor is
    (A) 60 V
    (B) 660 V
    (C) 30 V
    (D) 300 V

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