World Geography Quiz Test - Set 11 - ObjectiveBooks

World Geography Quiz Test - Set 11

GK Practice Test: Question Set - 11

1. The longest river in the Common wealth of independent states is the
    (A) Irtysh River
    (B) Ob River
    (C) Yenisei River
    (D) Volga River

2. The temperature increases rapidly after
    (A) Ionosphere
    (B) Exosphere
    (C) Stratosphere
    (D) Troposphere

3. The group of minerals chemically containing hydrocarbons is
    (A) Silicate group
    (B) Organic group
    (C) Oxide group
    (D) Hydride group

4. The magnetosphere becomes unstable during the magnetic storms during a period of
    (A) Initial phase
    (B) Storm sudden commencement phase
    (C) Main phase
    (D) None of the above

5. The Mistral is
    (A) Very cold wind, which blows down from the plateau of central France
    (B) Swift, dry, cold northerly wind that blows down from the western Alps and the plateau of Southern France and out over the Mediterranean
    (C) Wind that blows for 100 days a year and may cause extensive frost damage to plants
    (D) All of the above

6. The hot and cold deserts together occupy nearly _________ land area of the world.
    (A) 1/2
    (B) 1/4th
    (C) 1/3rd
    (D) 3/4th

7. The monetary currency of Greece is called (prior to Jan 1, 2002).
    (A) Guilder
    (B) Drachma
    (C) Yen
    (D) Dinar

8. The main factor determining a region's climate is
    (A) Longitude
    (B) Latitude
    (C) Temperature
    (D) All of the above

9. The ministry of Water Resources lays down policies and programmes for the development and regulation of the country's water resources. It covers
    (A) Sartorial planning, coordination and policy guidelines
    (B) Technical examination and techno- appraisal of project providing central assistance to specific projects
    (C) Facilitation of external assistance in resolution of interstate water disputes, policy formulation planning and development of ground water resources
    (D) All of the above

10. The island state of Australia is
    (A) Victoria
    (B) Queensland
    (C) Tasmania
    (D) New South Wales

11. The intersecting lines drawn on maps and globes are
    (A) Latitudes
    (B) Longitudes
    (C) Geographic grids
    (D) None of the above

12. The landmass of which of the following continents is the least?
    (A) Africa
    (B) Asia
    (C) Australia
    (D) Europe

13. The groundwater can become confined between two impermeable layers. This type of enclosed water is called
    (A) Artesian
    (B) Artesian well
    (C) Unconfined groundwater
    (D) Confined groundwater

14. The largest gold producing country in the world is
    (A) China
    (B) Canada
    (C) South Africa
    (D) USA

15. The hydrological cycle is a conceptual model that describes
    (A) The storage of water between biosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and lithosphere
    (B) The movement of water between biosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere
    (C) Both (a) and (b)
    (D) None of the above

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