Electrical engineering Current Electricity MCQ - Set 04 - ObjectiveBooks

Electrical engineering Current Electricity MCQ - Set 04

Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. When electric current passes through a metallic conductor, its temperature rises. This is due to
    (A) Collisions between conduction electrons and atoms
    (B) The release of conduction electrons from parent atoms
    (C) Mutual collisions between metal atoms
    (D) Mutual collisions between conducting electrons

2. Two lamps 100 W and 40 W are connected in series across 230 V (alternating). Which of the following statement is correct?
    (A) 100 W lamp will glow brighter
    (B) 40 W lamp will glow brighter
    (C) Both lamps will glow equally bright
    (D) 40 W lamp will fuse

3. When resistance element of a heater fuses and then we reconnect it after removing a portion of it, the power of the heater will
    (A) Decrease
    (B) Increase
    (C) Remain constant
    (D) None of the above

4. Temperature coefficient of resistance is expressed in terms of
    (A) ohms/°C
    (B) mhos/ohm°C
    (C) ohms/ohm°C
    (D) mhos/°C

5. Voltage dependent resistors are usually made from
    (A) Charcoal
    (B) Silicon carbide
    (C) Nichrome
    (D) Graphite

6. Conductance: mho ::
    (A) Resistance : ohm
    (B) Capacitance : Henry
    (C) Inductance : farad
    (D) lumen : steradian

7. Three 60 W bulbs are in parallel across the 60 V power line. If one bulb burns open
    (A) There will be heavy current in the main line
    (B) Rest of the two bulbs will not light
    (C) All three bulbs will light
    (D) The other two bulbs will light

8. The S.I. unit of power is
    (A) Henry
    (B) Coulomb
    (C) Watt
    (D) Watt-hour

9. The resistance of a conductor varies inversely as
    (A) Length
    (B) Area of cross-section
    (C) Temperature
    (D) Resistivity

10. In a circuit a 33 Q resistor carries a current of 2 A. The voltage across the resistor is
    (A) 33 V
    (B) 66 V
    (C) 80 V
    (D) 132 V

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