MCQ Practice Building Construction Test - Set 12 - ObjectiveBooks

MCQ Practice Building Construction Test - Set 12

Practice Test: Question Set - 12

1. A solid core of rock is formed inside the cylinder in the case of
    (A) Auger boring
    (B) Percussion drilling
    (C) Diamond drilling
    (D) Wash boring

2. The floor is rubbed with oxalic acid, for making its surface
    (A) Free from voids
    (B) Glossy
    (C) Durable
    (D) Uniform

3. The line of intersection of two surfaces of a sloping roof forming an internal angle less than 180°, is known as
    (A) Ridge
    (B) Hip
    (C) Valley
    (D) None of these

4. In which of the following directions, the strength of timber is maximum?
    (A) Parallel to grains
    (B) 45° to grains
    (C) Perpendicular to grains
    (D) Same in all directions

5. Arches in the form of masonry arcs struck from more than four centres, are called
    (A) Two curved arches
    (B) Gothic arches
    (C) Ogee arches
    (D) Drop gothic arches

6. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:
    (A) Horizontal D.P.C. is provided at plinth level in internal walls
    (B) D.P.C. is provided under door and verandah openings
    (C) Vertical D.P.C. is not provided in internal walls
    (D) Cement concrete is a rigid damp-proofing material

7. The vertical faces of a door opening which support frame of the door, are
    (A) Jambs
    (B) Posts
    (C) Reveals
    (D) Styles

8. The lower edge of the pitched roof, from where the rain water of the roof surface drops down, is known as
    (A) Hip
    (B) Gable
    (C) Ridge
    (D) Eaves

9. The arrangement of supporting an existing structure by providing supports underneath, is known as
    (A) Shoring
    (B) Underpinning
    (C) Jacking
    (D) Piling

10. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
    (A) The first coat of stucco plaster is called scratch coat
    (B) The second coat of stucco plaster is called brown coat
    (C) The third coat of stucco plaster is called white coat
    (D) All the above

11. A concrete structure is set on fire and the temperature raises to 1000°C. The strength of concrete as compared to original strength reduces to
    (A) 10 %
    (B) 15 %
    (C) 20 %
    (D) 25 %

12. The horizontal timber piece provided at the apex of a roof truss which supports the common rafter is called
    (A) Ridge board
    (B) Hip rafter
    (C) Eaves board
    (D) Valley rafter

13. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:
    (A) In dog-legged stairs, no space between its flights is provided
    (B) In open newel stair, a rectangular well is provided
    (C) In geometric stair, a curved shaped well between forward and backward flights, is provided
    (D) In geometrical stair, two quarter space landing is provided

14. The maximum number of steps in a flight should generally be restricted to
    (A) 10
    (B) 12
    (C) 15
    (D) No limit

15. In flat roof of reinforced cement concrete, the recommended angle of slope, is
    (A) Zero
    (B) A few degrees
    (C) 10°
    (D) 200°

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