Environmental Engineering : Chemical engineering MCQ - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Environmental Engineering : Chemical engineering MCQ - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. What is the major constituents of waste/polluted water discharged from textile, pulp & paper, tanning, distillery, dairy and meat packing industries?
    (A) Radioactive substances
    (B) Natural organic products
    (C) Inorganic pollutants
    (D) None of these

2. Coal mines drainage waste water (acidic in nature) results from the earth's water percolating through the voids created in coal bed during mining. This polluted water which either drains out naturally to water courses or are removed before starting the mining is
    (A) Neutralized by alkali treatment
    (B) Left as such without any treatment
    (C) Diluted with fresh water to reduce its acidity
    (D) None of these

3. If carbon monoxide content in atmospheric air exceeds __________ ppm, death is bound to occur.
    (A) 50
    (B) 500
    (C) 1000
    (D) 3000 (i.e. 0.3%)

4. Ringelmann chart is used for the measurement of the
    (A) Combustibles present in automobile exhaust
    (B) Smoke density from a chimney
    (C) Exhaust gas density
    (D) Flue gas temperature

5. The permissible color for domestic water supply is __________ ppm.
    (A) 1
    (B) 20
    (C) 100
    (D) 1000

6. Presence of non-biodegradable substances, like alkyl benzene sulphonate (ABS) from the detergents in polluted water stream causes
    (A) Fire hazards
    (B) Explosion hazards
    (C) Persistent foam
    (D) Depletion of dissolved oxygen

7. Out of the following, TLV of __________ is the minimum (about 0.02 ppm).
    (A) Phosgene
    (B) Bromine
    (C) MIC (Methyl isocyanate)
    (D) Ozone

8. Smog is not formed due to the presence of __________ in the atmosphere.
    (A) SO2
    (B) NOx
    (C) CO2
    (D) Any of these

9. Average human body contains about __________ percent water by weight.
    (A) 20
    (B) 40
    (C) 70
    (D) 85

10. There are thirteen metals which are treated as pollutants. Which of the following metals is not a pollutant?
    (A) Mercury
    (B) Arsenic
    (C) Aluminium
    (D) Lead

11. Arsenic pollutant is not generated in __________industries.
    (A) Tanneries
    (B) Glass & ceramic
    (C) Beverages
    (D) Any of these

12. Pick out the wrong statement.
    (A) The concentric layer in atmosphere which contains about 70% of the total mass of atmosphere and characterized by a steady decrease in temperature is called stratosphere
    (B) Stratosphere is rich in ozone and is located just above the troposphere
    (C) Troposphere is a turbulent dusty zone containing much of water vapor and clouds
    (D) The earth's atmosphere is an envelope of gases extending upto a height of about 200 kms

13. The pH value of oxidized sewage is about
    (A) 1.8
    (B) 6.2
    (C) 7.3
    (D) 13.4

14. On prolonged exposure to high concentration of carbon monoxide (> 5000 ppm), man dies because
    (A) Of clotting of blood
    (B) Of jamming of respiratory tract
    (C) It forms carboxyhemoglobin by combining with haemoglobin of blood, thereby making it incapable of absorbing oxygen
    (D) It forms CO2 by combining with oxygen present in the blood

15. Growth of __________ is promoted by the presence of manganese in water.
    (A) Files
    (B) Algae
    (C) Micro-organisms
    (D) Mosquitoes

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