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Civil Remote Sensing MCQ Exam Questions - Set 06

Practice Test: Question Set - 06

1. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
    (A) The refractive index of a medium varies according to the wavelength of the radiation
    (B) The variation of the refractive index with wave length, is called dispersion
    (C) The splitting of colors of white light by passing through a prism is caused due to dispersion
    (D) All of these

2. While propagating through homogeneous, isotropic media,
    (A) Directions of both the fields are orthogonal
    (B) Both the fields are at right angles to the direction of propagation
    (C) Both (a) and (b)
    (D) Neither (a) nor (b)

3. The arrangement of terrain features which provides attributes: the shape, size and texture of objects, is called:
    (A) Spectral variation
    (B) Spatial variation
    (C) Temporal variation
    (D) None of these

4. Which one of the following errors is produced by platform characteristics of the sensor?
    (A) Altitude variation
    (B) Altitude
    (C) Orbit drift
    (D) All of these

5. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
    (A) When the electric field oscillates in the direction of the electric vector, a plane polarised wave is formed
    (B) When the electric vector is in the plane of incidence, vertical polarisation is formed
    (C) When the electric vector is at right angles to the plane of incidence, horizontal polarization wave is formed
    (D) All of these

6. Leaf reflectance depends primarily on:
    (A) The pigments
    (B) Internal cell structure
    (C) Equivalent water content
    (D) All of these

7. If flying height of a spacecraft is H, the length of air base is B and the parallax difference between two points is dp, then the difference in height
    (A) h = dp/(B/H)
    (B) h = (B/H) dp
    (C) h = dp/(H/B)
    (D) h = (H/B) dp

8. Critical angle of electromagnetic radiation takes place if
    (A) Angle of incidence is equal to angle of refraction
    (B) Angle of incidence is greater than the angle of refraction
    (C) Angle of incidence is equal to 90°
    (D) Angle of refraction is equal to 90°

9. Earth observations from a satellite platform provide:
    (A) Synoptic view of a large area
    (B) Constant solar zenith angles and similar illumination conditions
    (C) Repetitive observations of the same area with intervals of a few minutes to a few weeks
    (D) All of these

10. DGPS is based on the concept that bias errors in the position of locations in a given local area, are same if their distances are within
    (A) 25 km
    (B) 50 km
    (C) 75 km
    (D) 100 km

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