MCQ Test Applied Mechanics and Graphic Statics - Set 14 - ObjectiveBooks

MCQ Test Applied Mechanics and Graphic Statics - Set 14

Practice Test: Question Set - 14

1. A body is said to move with Simple Harmonic Motion if its acceleration, is
    (A) Always directed away from the centre, the point of reference
    (B) Proportional to the square of the distance from the point of reference
    (C) Proportional to the distance from the point of reference and directed towards it
    (D) Inversely proportion to the distance from the point of reference

2. An ordinate in a funicular polygon represents
    (A) Shear force
    (B) Resultant force
    (C) Bending moment
    (D) Equilibrium

3. The load shared by the member BC of the structure shown in below figure is
Applied Mechanics and Graphic Statics
    (A) 23 t
    (B) 32 t
    (C) 4 t
    (D) 3 t

4. A bullet weighing 200 g is fired horizontally with a velocity of 25 m/sec from a gun carried on a carriage which together with the gun weighs 100 kg. The velocity of recoil of the gun, will be
    (A) 0.01 m/sec
    (B) 0.05 m/sec
    (C) 1.00 m/sec
    (D) 1.5 m/see

5. The ratio of the ranges on the inclined plane with motion upward and with motion downward for a given velocity, angle of projection will be
    (A) sin (α + β)/sin (α - β)
    (B) sin (α - β)/sin (α + β)
    (C) cos (α - β)/cos (α + β)
    (D) tan (α - β)/tan (α + β)

6. The resultant of two forces P and Q is R. If Q is doubled, the new resultant is perpendicular to P. Then,
    (A) P = R
    (B) Q = R
    (C) P = Q
    (D) None of the above is correct

7. A sphere is resting on two planes BA and BC which are inclined at 45° and 60° respectively with the horizontal. The reaction on the plane BA will be
    (A) Less than that on BC
    (B) More than that of BC
    (C) Equal to that on BC
    (D) None of these

8. The moment of inertia of the shaded portion of the area shown in below figure about the X-axis, is 

Applied Mechanics and Graphic Statics
    (A) 229.34 cm4
    (B) 329.34 cm4
    (C) 429.34 cm4
    (D) 529.34 cm4

9. A hoop of radius 3 m weighs 100 kg. It rolls along a horizontal floor so that at its centre of mass has a speed of 200 mm/sec. The work required to stop the hoop is
    (A) 2 J
    (B) 4 J
    (C) 6 J
    (D) 8 J

10. If a particle moves with a uniform angular velocity ‘ω’ radians/sec along the circumference of a circle of radius ‘r’, the equation for the velocity of the particle, is
    (A) v = ω √(y² - r²)
    (B) y = ω √(y - r)
    (C) v = ω √(r² + y²)
    (D) v = ω √(r² - y²)

11. A projectile is fired with a velocity of 100.3 m/sec. at an elevation of 60°. The velocity attained by the projectile when it is moving at a height of 100 m, is
    (A) 70 m/sec
    (B) 75 m/sec
    (C) 80 m/sec
    (D) 90 m/sec

12. A stone is thrown vertically upwards with a vertical velocity of 49 m/sec. It returns to the ground in
    (A) 5 sec
    (B) 8 sec
    (C) 10 sec
    (D) 20 sec

13. If two forces each equal to ‘T’ in magnitude act at right angles, their effect may be neutralized by a third force acting along their bisector in opposite direction whose magnitude will be
    (A) 2 T
    (B) 1/2 T
    (C) √2 T
    (D) 3 T

14. When a body of mass M1 is hanging freely and another of mass M2 lying on a smooth inclined plane(α) are connected by a light index tensile string passing over a smooth pulley, the acceleration of the body of mass M1, will be given by
    (A) g(M1 + M2 sin α)/(M1 + M) m/sec
    (B) g(M1 - M2 sin α)/(M1 + M) m/sec²
    (C) g(M2 + M1 sin α)/(M1 + M) m/sec²
    (D) g(M2 × M1 sin α)/(M2 - M) m/sec²

15. One end of an elastic string of natural length ‘l’ and modulus ‘X’ is kept fixed while to the other end is attached a particle of mass m which is hanging freely under gravity. The particle is pulled down vertically through a distance ‘x’, held at rest and then released.
The motion is
    (A) A simple harmonic motion
    (B) A rectilinear motion with constant speed
    (C) A damped oscillatory motion
    (D) None of the above

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