Chemical Engineering Quiz - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Chemical Engineering Quiz - Set 01

1. The preferred alloying element for low temperature applications of steel is

2. The phenomenon of strain-ageing is generally experienced with
Cast iron
Low carbon steel
High manganese steel
High carbon steel

3. Which of the following welding processes employs the highest welding temperature?
Arc welding
Gas welding
Thermit welding
Resistance welding

4. In a casting, cold shut defect is caused by
Low burning temperature
Melt-mould reactions
Faulty gating system
Very low mould permeability

5. Fatigue strength of a metal is improved by
Scratching the surface
Raising the temperature

6. Refrigerative cooling employed during long distance transportation of food stuffs is normally done by
Liquid nitrogen
Liquid oxygen
Vacuum evaporation

7. Which of the following accounts for maximum loss of energy in a coal fired boiler?
Incomplete combustion of fuel
Outgoing flue gases
Radiation heat losses
Unburnt carbon in ash

8. Which of the following is a disaccharide?

9. Reduction reaction involves the
Loss of electrons
Increase in oxidation number
Gain of electrons
Addition of oxygen

10. The hardness of a grinding wheel is specified by the
Alphabetical letter
Rockwell hardness number
Brinell hardness number
None of these

11. Creep consideration is the most important in case of the
Blades of gas turbines
Steam engine flywheel
Cast iron pipes
Cycle chains

12. With increase in pressure, the saturation temperature of steam
Increases rapidly first and then slowly
Increases slowly first and then rapidly
First increases and then decreases
None of these

13. To improve the machinability of steel by its softening, it is subjected to
Cold working
Shot blasting

14. The best criterion for analyzing an economic investment is the
Rate of return criterion
Present value method
Salvage value
Future value method

15. A pipeline buried in soil is commonly protected from corrosion by
Anodic protection
Cathodic protection
Using inhibitors
Using a special alloy resistant to corrosion

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