Chemical Engineering Exam Quiz - Set 06 - ObjectiveBooks

Chemical Engineering Exam Quiz - Set 06

Quiz Questions - Set 06

01. Which of the following is the most effective inhibitor of grain growth, when added in small quantity in steel?

02. Kinematic viscosity of water as compared to that of air is

03. On increasing the yield strength of a steel from 450 to 650 MPa, its __________ will increase.

04. Magnesium addition to cast iron increases its

05. The ultimate strength in tension for steel is __________ times the ultimate strength in shear.

06. Pick the odd man out.

07. The minimum temperature to which the water can be cooled in a cooling tower is the __________ temperature of air.

08. Austenite is not

09. Percentage of gauge is maximum in the ore of

10. Which is the most suitable joint for the pipes, with are laid submerged under water, where the bottom of the river bed is uneven?

11. Titanium can be easily welded using __________ welding.

12. Main alloying element in Elinvar used in precision instruments, hair springs for watches etc. is

13. Draught produced by a tall chimney due to density difference between hot flue gas inside the Chimney and atmospheric air outside the chimney is more appropriately known as the __________ draught.

14. Addition of __________ in steel can help in increasing the depth of hardness.

15. Pick out the wrong statement.

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