Chemical Engineering MCQ Quiz - Set 05 - ObjectiveBooks

Chemical Engineering MCQ Quiz - Set 05

1. The entropy change for a spontaneous process is
> 0 for the system
< 0 for the system
> 0 for the system and the surrounding
< 0 for the system and the surrounding

2. Isotropic materials have the same __________ in all the directions.
Thermal properties
Elastic properties
All (a), (b) and (c)

3. The tensile load-elongation curve of a metal does not describe
Work hardening
Yield stress
Anisotropy index
Necking strain

4. Machine tool bodies are usually made of
Cast iron
Mild steel
Wrought iron
Copper alloys

5. In age-hardenable alloys, maximum ductility is obtained
In as cast state
Immediately after solution treatment and subsequent quenching
After optimum ageing
After over-ageing

6. The capital and running costs of similar machines having unequal service life can be compared by the __________ method.
Equivalent annual cost
Rate of return
Present net worth
Capitalised cost

7. Dialysis is the process of separating substances in the
Colloidal state from those present in the true solutions
Colloidal state from those present in the suspensions
Suspension from those present in the solutions
None of these

8. The yield point in fatigue loading compared to that in static loading is less. The ratio of ultimate tensile strength to endurance limit of a material subjected to fatigue loading is

9. With increase in carbon percentage in steel, its
Yield stress decreases
Elongation percent increases
Tensile strength increases
Impact strength increases

10. Which of the following is capable of acting both as an acid flux as well as a basic flux in the metal extraction from its ore?

11. Feed check valve is used in steam boilers to
Check the water level in the boiler
Check the feed water flow rate
Feed high pressure water to boiler and guard against its backflow through it
None of these

12. Electric arc furnace is employed mainly for the production of __________ steel.
High carbon
Plain carbon

13. A reduction process is accompanied with increase in the
Number of electrons
Oxidation number
Both (a) and (b)
Neither (a) nor (b)

14. On-off control
Fully opens the final control element, when the measured variable is below the set point
Fully closes the final control element, when the measured variable is above the set point
Is a two position control (fully open or fully closed) control adequate to control a process with slow reaction and minimum dead time or transfer lag
None of these

15. Pick out the wrong statement.
Erosion corrosion which is identified by surface grooves, occurs due to the combined action of corrosive environment and mechanical abrasion.
Stress corrosion occurs due to the combined action of corrosive environment and the compressive stress.
Stainless steel is prone to stress corrosion in solution containing chloride ion.
In case of stress corrosion, the direction of crack propagation is perpendicular to the applied tensile stress.

16. Nitrogen compounds are not used in the manufacture of
Gun powder
Tip of match sticks

17. The term 'Value' in value engineering technique refers to the __________ cost of the product.
Function (utility)

18. Out of the following, __________ waves have the largest wavelength.

19. __________ welding will be the most suitable for butt welding two 20 cms thick boiler drum mild steel plates.
Electrical resistance
Plasma torch
Submerged arc

20. Wrought iron does not have the
Uniform strength in all directions
Ability to hold protective coating
High ductility and corrosion resistance
Easily weldable characteristics

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