Chemical Engineering Online Quiz - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Chemical Engineering Online Quiz - Set 03

Quiz Questions - Set 03

01. Fluorine is not a constituent of

02. In spite of large heat transfer co-efficients in boiling liquids, fins are used advantageously, where the entire surface is exposed to __________ boiling.

03. The most important consideration in value engineering is the

04. The single most important requirement for a turbine blade material is

05. Thermal expansion of solid is employed in the temperature measurement by a

06. Springback in sheet metal bending depends on the

07. Which of the following is categorised as the plastic welding?

08. Pick out the wrong statement. If the net positive suction head (NPSH) requirement of a pump is not satisfied, then

09. Which of the following is not a natural abrasive?

10. Out of the following, the materials having maximum magnetic permeability is

11. Out of the following, the highest emf for a given temperature is generated by the __________ thermocouple.

12. Classification of metal forming processes into hot and cold working is based on the following parameters.

13. An ingot is hot forged to a 60% reduction in cross-section area. The percentage reduction in the volume for the above process is

14. Welded joint is superior to riveted joint in respect of ease of fabrication, weight and strength. Which of the following joints is the most suitable for pipes carrying fluids under high pressure and temperature?

15. Permanent set in a material is produced by subjecting it to

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