Civil Waste Water Multiple Choice Test - Set 20 - ObjectiveBooks

Civil Waste Water Multiple Choice Test - Set 20

Practice Test: Question Set - 20

1. Which one of the following resists hydrogen sulphide corrosion?
    (A) R.C.C.
    (B) Glazed stone wares
    (C) Asbestos cement
    (D) Glazed ware

2. The width of a rectangular sewer is twice its depth while discharging 1.5 m/sec. The width of the sewer is
    (A) 0.68 m
    (B) 0.88 m
    (C) 1.36 m
    (D) 1.76 m

3. In olden days the type of section adopted in trunk and out fall sewers was
    (A) Parabolic shaped
    (B) Horse shoe shaped
    (C) Egg shaped
    (D) Circular shaped

4. For the survival of fish in a river stream, the minimum dissolved oxygen is prescribed
    (A) 3 ppm
    (B) 4 ppm
    (C) 5 ppm
    (D) 10 ppm

5. In primary sedimentation, the 0.2 mm inorganic solids get separated if specific gravity is
    (A) 2.25
    (B) 2.50
    (C) 2.55
    (D) 2.65

6. The coagulant widely used for sewage treatment, is
    (A) Alum
    (B) Ferric chloride
    (C) Ferric sulphate
    (D) Chlorinated copperas

7. House connections to the laterals is generally made by
    (A) R.C.C.
    (B) P.C.C.
    (C) Cast iron
    (D) Glazed stonewares

8. The ratio of minimum hourly flow to the average flow of sewage is
    (A) 1/4
    (B) 1/3
    (C) 1/2
    (D) 3/4

9. In R.C. sewer pipes, the percentage longitudinal reinforcement to the cross-sectional area of concrete is kept
    (A) 10.0
    (B) 5.0
    (C) 2.0
    (D) 0.25

10. Removal of oil and grease from sewage, is known
    (A) Screening
    (B) Skimming
    (C) Filtration
    (D) None of these

11. Rate of flow of sewage is generally assumed
    (A) More than the rate of water supply
    (B) Equal to the rate of water supply
    (C) Less than the rate of water supply
    (D) At 150 liters per capita

12. The gradient of sewers depends upon
    (A) Velocity of flow
    (B) Diameter of the sewer
    (C) Discharge
    (D) All the above

13. If the depth of partial flow in a sewer of diameter 2 m, is 50 cm, its wetted perimeter is
    (A) π
    (B) π/2
    (C) π/3
    (D) 2π/3

14. The standard B.O.D. of water is taken for
    (A) 1 day
    (B) 2 days
    (C) 3 days
    (D) 5 days

15. In sewers the gas generally found, is
    (A) Hydrogen sulphide (H2S)
    (B) Carbon dioxide (CO2)
    (C) Methane (CH4)
    (D) All the above

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