Concrete Technology MCQ pdf - Set 12 - ObjectiveBooks

Concrete Technology MCQ pdf - Set 12

Practice Test: Question Set - 12

1. While designing the pile as a column, the end conditions are nearly
    (A) Both ends hinged
    (B) Both ends fixed
    (C) One end fixed and other end hinged
    (D) One end fixed and other end free

2. The internal dimensions of a ware house are 15 m × 5.6 m, and the maximum height of piles is 2.70 m, the maximum number of bags to be stored in two piles, are
    (A) 1500 bags
    (B) 2000 bags
    (C) 2500 bags
    (D) 3000 bags

3. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. While performing preliminary test on concrete
    (A) Proportions of the material and water should be the same as to be used at the work site
    (B) Cement should be mixed by hand in order to maintain uniformity
    (C) Concrete mix should be stored in air-tight containers
    (D) Concrete ingredients should be kept at a temperature of 37° ± 2°C

4. In a spherical dome the hoop stress due to a concentrated load at crown is
    (A) Compressive everywhere
    (B) Tensile everywhere
    (C) Partly compressive and partly tensile
    (D) Zero

5. I.S. Sieve Nos. 10 mm and 4.75 mm are generally used for grading of
    (A) Coarse aggregates
    (B) Fine aggregates
    (C) Neither (a) nor (b)
    (D) Both (a) and (b)

6. Log Angles machine is used to test the aggregate for
    (A) Crushing strength
    (B) Impact value
    (C) Abrasion resistance
    (D) Water absorption

7. The property of the ingredients to separate from each other while placing the concrete is called
    (A) Segregation
    (B) Compaction
    (C) Shrinkage
    (D) Bulking

8. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
    (A) Higher workability indicates unexpected increase in the moisture content
    (B) Higher workability indicates deficiency of sand
    (C) If the concrete mix is dry, the slump is zero
    (D) All the above

9. The process of mixing, transporting, placing and compacting concrete using Ordinary Port land Cement should not take more than
    (A) 30 minutes
    (B) 40 minutes
    (C) 60 minutes
    (D) 90 minutes

10. The strength of concrete after one year as compared to 28 days strength is about
    (A) 10 to 15% more
    (B) 15 to 20% more
    (C) 20 to 25% more
    (D) 25 to 50% more

11. Specified compressive strength of concrete is obtained from cube tests at the end of
    (A) 3 days
    (B) 7 days
    (C) 21 days
    (D) 28 days

12. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:
    (A) Tricalcium silicate (C3S) hydrates rapidly
    (B) Tricalcium silicate (C3S) generates more heat of hydration
    (C) Tricalcium silicate (C3S) develops early strength
    (D) Tricalcium silicate (C3S) has more resistance to sulphate attack

13. If the permissible stress in steel in tension is 140 N/mm2, then the depth of neutral axis for a singly reinforced rectangular balanced section will be
    (A) 0.35 d
    (B) 0.40 d
    (C) 0.45 d
    (D) Dependent on grade of concrete also

14. A construction joint is provided where
    (A) Bending moment is small
    (B) Shear force is small
    (C) The member is supported by other member
    (D) All the above

15. Sand generally contains salt if it is obtained from:
    (A) Nala beds
    (B) River beds
    (C) Sea beds
    (D) None of these

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