Theory of Structures Objective Questions and Answers pdf - Set 04 - ObjectiveBooks

Theory of Structures Objective Questions and Answers pdf - Set 04

Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. The load on a spring per unit deflection, is called
    (A) Stiffness
    (B) Proof resilience
    (C) Proof stress
    (D) Proof load

2. The ratio of circumferential stress to the longitudinal stress in the walls of a cylindrical shell, due to flowing liquid, is
    (A) ½
    (B) 1
    (C) 1½
    (D) 2

3. A compound bar consists of two bars of equal length. Steel bar cross-section is 3500 mmand that of brass bar is 3000 mm2. These are subjected to a compressive load 100,000 N. If Eb = 0.2 MN/mm2 and Eb = 0.1 MN/mm2, the stresses developed are:
    (A) σb = 10 N/mm2, σs = 20 N/mm2
    (B) σb = 8 N/mm2, σs = 16 N/mm2
    (C) σb = 6 N/mm2, σs = 12 N/mm2
    (D) σb = 5 N/mm2, σs = 10 N/mm2

4. A close coil helical spring of mean diameter D consists of n coils of diameter d. If it carries an axial load W, the energy stored in the spring, is
    (A) 4WD2n/d4N
    (B) 4W2Dn/d4N
    (C) 4W2D3n/d4N
    (D) 4W2D3n2/d4N

5. The degree of indeterminacy of the frame in the given figure, is
Theory of Structures Set 04, Question 5
    (A) 1
    (B) 2
    (C) 3
    (D) Zero

6. If normal stresses due to longitudinal and transverse loads on a bar are σ1 and σrespectively, the normal component of the stress on an inclined plane θ° to the longitudinal load, is
    (A) σ1 sin θ × σ2 cos θ
    (B) σ1 sin θ2 + σ2 cos2 θ
    (C) (σ1 - σ2) sin2θ/2
    (D) (σ1 + σ2) sin2θ/2

7. The moment of inertia of a triangular section (height h, base b) about its base, is
    (A) bh2/12
    (B) b2h/12
    (C) bh3/12
    (D) b3h/12

8. Shear centre of a half circular section of radius ‘r’ and of constant thickness, lies at a distance of ‘x’ from the centre where ‘x’ is
    (A) r/π
    (B) 2r/π
    (C) 3r/π
    (D) 4r/π

9. The assumption in the theory of bending of beams is:
    (A) Material is homogeneous
    (B) Material is isotropic
    (C) Young's modulus is same in tension as well as in compression
    (D) All the above

10. For determining the force in the member AB of the truss shown in the given figure by method of sections, the section is made to pass through ABAD and ED and the moments are taken about
Theory of Structures Set 04, Question 10
    (A) Joint C
    (B) Joint B
    (C) Joint D
    (D) Joint A

11. The ratio of the length and depth of a simply supported rectangular beam which experiences maximum bending stress equal to tensile stress, due to same load at its mid span, is
    (A) 1/2
    (B) 2/3
    (C) 1/4
    (D) 1/3

12. A simply supported rolled steel joist 8 m long carries a uniformly distributed load over it span so that the maximum bending stress is 75 N/mm2. If the slope at the ends is 0.005 radian and the value of E = 0.2 × 106 N/mm2, the depth of the joist, is
    (A) 200 mm
    (B) 250 mm
    (C) 300 mm
    (D) 400 mm

13. The force in EC of the truss shown in the given figure, is
Theory of Structures Set 04, Question 13
    (A) Zero
    (B) 5t tension
    (C) 5t compression
    (D) 4t tension

14. The area of the core of a column of cross sectional area A, is
    (A) (1/3) A
    (B) (1/6) A
    (C) (1/12) A
    (D) (1/18) A

15. If ‘D’ and ‘d’ are external and internal diameters of a circular shaft respectively, its polar moment of inertia, is
    (A) π/2 (D4 - d4)
    (B) π/4 (D4 - d4)
    (C) π/64 (D4 - d4)
    (D) π/32 (D4 - d4)

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