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Surveying MCQ Questions - Set 11

Practice Test: Question Set - 11

1. The type of surveying which requires least office work is
    (A) Tachometry
    (B) Trigonometrical levelling
    (C) Plane table surveying
    (D) Theodolite surveying

2. The main plate of a transit is divided into 1080 equal divisions. 60 divisions of the Vernier coincide exactly with 59 divisions of the main plate. The transit can read angles accurate upto
    (A) 5"
    (B) 10"
    (C) 15"
    (D) 20"

3. The ratio of the length of long chord and the tangent length of a circular curve of radius R deflecting through angle Δ, is
    (A) sin (Δ/2)
    (B) cos (Δ/2)
    (C) 2 sin (Δ/2)
    (D) 2 cos (Δ/2)

4. The correction to be applied to each 30 metre chain length along θ° slope, is
    (A) 30 (sec θ - 1) m
    (B) 30 (sin θ - 1) m
    (C) 30 (cos θ - 1) m
    (D) 30 (tan θ - 1) m

5. For a closed traverse the omitted measurements may be calculated
    (A) Length of one side only
    (B) Bearing of one side only
    (C) Both length and bearing of one side
    (D) All the above

6. Horizontal distances obtained by thermometric observations
    (A) Require slope correction
    (B) Require tension correction
    (C) Require slope and tension corrections
    (D) Do not require slope and tension corrections

7. A clinometer is used for
    (A) Measuring angle of slope
    (B) Correcting line of collimation
    (C) Setting out right angles
    (D) Defining natural features

8. If L is the specified length of a tape, L1 its actual length and S the measured distance, then, the true distance is given by the formula,
    (A) (L1/L) × S
    (B) (L/L1) × S
    (C) (L - L1)/L × S
    (D) (L1/L)2 × S

9. In a perfect prismatic compass
    (A) Magnetic axis and geometric axis of the needle coincide
    (B) Ends of the needle and pivot are in same vertical and horizontal planes
    (C) Pivot is vertically over the centre of the graduated circle
    (D) All the above

10. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
    (A) Box sextant is used for the measurement of horizontal angles
    (B) Cross staff is used for setting out right angles
    (C) Gradiometer is used for setting out any required gradient
    (D) All the above

11. Sensitiveness of a level tube is designated by
    (A) Radius of level tube
    (B) Length of level tube
    (C) Length of bubble of level tube
    (D) None of the above

12. The formula for the horizontal distances for inclined sights, on staff held normalis (f/i) s cos θ + (f + d) cos θ ± h sin θ
    (A) Minus sign is used for angle of depression
    (B) Plus sign is used for angle of depression
    (C) Minus sign is used for angle of elevation
    (D) None of these

13. Accidental or compensating errors of length ‘L’ are proportional to
    (A) L
    (B) √L
    (C) ∛L
    (D) 1/√L

14. The latitude of a traverse leg is obtained by multiplying its length by
    (A) Tangent of its reduced bearing
    (B) Sign of its reduced bearing
    (C) Cosine of its reduced bearing
    (D) Cosecant of its reduced bearing

15. If D is the degree of the curve of radius R, the exact length of its specified chord, is
    (A) Radius of the curve × sine of half the degree
    (B) Diameter of the curve × sine of half the degree
    (C) Diameter of the curve × cosine of half the degree
    (D) Diameter of the curve × tangent of half the degree

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