Civil Engineer Internship Strength of Materials Questions - Set 05 - ObjectiveBooks

Civil Engineer Internship Strength of Materials Questions - Set 05

Practice Test: Question Set - 05

1. The direction of the reaction at support B of a truss shown in below figure will be
Question No. 01
    (A) East of North
    (B) West of North
    (C) East of South
    (D) West of South

2. A beam of length L supported on two intermediate rollers carries a uniformly distributed load on its entire length. If sagging B.M. and hogging B.M. of the beam are equal, the length of each overhang, is
    (A) 0.107 L
    (B) 0.207 L
    (C) 0.307 L
    (D) 0.407 L

3. The unit of work or energy in S.I. units is
    (A) Newton
    (B) Pascal
    (C) Kilogram meter
    (D) Joule

4. The shear force on a simply supported beam is proportional to
    (A) Displacement of the neutral axis
    (B) Sum of the forces
    (C) Sum of the transverse forces
    (D) Algebraic sum of the transverse forces of the section

5. Shear deflection of a cantilever of length L, cross sectional area A and shear modulus G, subjected to w/m u.d.l., is
    (A) (3/4) (L2w/GA)
    (B) (3/2) (L2w/GA)
    (C) (2/3) (L3w/GA)
    (D) (3/2) (Lw/GA2)

6. Which of the following is not the unit of distance?
    (A) Angstrom
    (B) Light year
    (C) Micron
    (D) Milestone

7. In a bar of large length when held vertically and subjected to a load at its lower end, its own-weight produces additional stress. The maximum stress will be
    (A) At the lower cross-section
    (B) At the built-in upper cross-section
    (C) At the central cross-section
    (D) At every point of the bar

8. The value of Poisson's ratio always remains
    (A) Greater than one
    (B) Less than one
    (C) Equal to one
    (D) None of these

9. The B.M. diagram of the beam shown in below figure, is
Question No. 09
    (A) A rectangle
    (B) A triangle
    (C) A trapezium
    (D) A parabola

10. Which of the following is not a vector quantity?
    (A) Weight
    (B) Velocity
    (C) Acceleration
    (D) Force

11. The greatest eccentricity which a load W can have without producing tension on the cross-section of a short column of external diameter D and internal diameter d, is
    (A) 4W/π (D2 - d2)
    (B) π (D2 - d2)/32D
    (C) (D2 + d2)/8D
    (D) (D2 - d2)/8D

12. If ‘S’ is the shear force at a section of an I-joist, having web depth ‘d’ and moment of inertia ‘I’ about its neutral axis, the difference between the maximum and mean shear stresses in the web is,
    (A) Sd2/8I
    (B) Sd2/12I
    (C) Sd2/16I
    (D) Sd2/24I

13. Center of gravity of a thin hollow cone lies on the axis at a height of
    (A) One-fourth of the total height above base
    (B) One-third of the total height above base
    (C) One-half of the total height above base
    (D) Three-eighth of the total height above the base

14. A rectangular bar of width b and height h is being used as a cantilever. The loading is in a plane parallel to the side b. The section modulus is
    (A) bh3/12
    (B) bh2/6
    (C) b2h/6
    (D) None of these

15. A beam is said to be of uniform strength, if
    (A) B.M. is same throughout the beam
    (B) Shear stress is same throughout the beam
    (C) Deflection is same throughout the beam
    (D) Bending stress is same at every section along its longitudinal axis

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