Strength of materials Civil Engineering Exam Test Questions - Set 17 - ObjectiveBooks

Strength of materials Civil Engineering Exam Test Questions - Set 17

Practice Test: Question Set - 17

1. A member is balanced at its end by two inclined members carrying equal forces. For equilibrium the angle between the inclined bars must be
    (A) 3°
    (B) 45°
    (C) 90°
    (D) 120°

2. When trying to turn a key into a lock, following is applied
    (A) Coplanar force
    (B) Non-coplanar forces
    (C) Couple
    (D) Moment

3. A reinforced concrete beam is assumed to be made of
    (A) Homogeneous material
    (B) Heterogeneous material
    (C) Isotropic material
    (D) None of these

4. For a stable frame structure, number of members required, is
    (A) Three times the number of joints minus three
    (B) Twice the number of joints minus three
    (C) Twice the number of joints minus two
    (D) Twice the number of joints minus one

5. The units of moment of inertia of mass are
    (A) kg m2
    (B) m4
    (C) kg/m2
    (D) kg/m

6. The reaction at the supports will be vertical to the plane of the support if the frame structure rests on
    (A) Roller supports
    (B) Free supports
    (C) Hinged supports
    (D) All the above

7. If the stress produced by a prismatic bar is equal to the working stress, the area of the cross-section of the prismatic bar, becomes
    (A) Zero
    (B) Infinite
    (C) Maximum
    (D) Minimum

8. The center of percussion of the homogeneous rod of length ‘L’ suspended at the top will be
    (A) L/2
    (B) L/3
    (C) 3L/4
    (D) 2L/3

9. A beam of length L is pinned at both ends and is subjected to a concentrated bending couple of moment M at its centre. The maximum bending moment in the beam is
    (A) M
    (B) M/2
    (C) M/3
    (D) ML/2

10. If b is the width of a plate joined by diamond riveting of diameter d, the efficiency of the joint is given by
    (A) (b + d)/b
    (B) (b - d)/b
    (C) (d - b)/d
    (D) (b - d)/d

11. A projectile is fired at an angle θ to the vertical. Its horizontal range will be maximum when θ is
    (A) 0°
    (B) 30°
    (C) 45°
    (D) 60°

12. For a simply supported beam of length ‘L’, the bending moment ‘M’ is described as M = a (xx3/L2), 0 ≤ x < L; where ‘a’ is a constant. The shear force will be zero at
    (A) The supports
    (B) x = L/2
    (C) x = L/√3
    (D) x = L/3

13. A column is said to be of medium size if its slenderness ratio is between
    (A) 20 and 32
    (B) 32 and 120
    (C) 120 and 160
    (D) 160 and 180

14. The length of a column, having a uniform circular cross-section of 7.5 cm diameter and whose ends are hinged, is 5 m. If the value of E for the material is 2100 tonnes/cm2, the permissible maximum crippling load will be
    (A) 1.288 tonnes
    (B) 12.88
    (C) 128.8 tonnes
    (D) 288.0

15. The moment diagram for a cantilever which is subjected to a uniformly distributed load will be a
    (A) Triangle
    (B) Rectangle
    (C) Parabola
    (D) Cubic parabola

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