Electrical Engineering Questions and Answers Quiz - Set 04 - ObjectiveBooks

Electrical Engineering Questions and Answers Quiz - Set 04

Quiz Questions

01. Which of the following documents is non-statutory?

02. The Tesla is the unit of

03. A particular extension lead used on a construction site is colored yellow to

04. In order to determine the amount of accessories required for a particular contract, the best method would be to use the layout drawings and a

05. A non-maintained emergency light is classified as NM3. This means that the luminary will illuminate during

06. In order to understand the operating procedure for a particular item of equipment, the best source of information would be the

07. When an ammeter is connected in a circuit it is essential that it

08. An isolator built into a panel is used for

09. A single-phase double-wound transformer consists of

10. Which of the following has an impact upon earthing?

11. In order to facilitate maintenance of a complex electrical system, the sequence of control for isolation can be best shown using a

12. For a drawing having a scale of 1 : 50, a wall 10 m long would be drawn to a length of

13. The five main stages of the risk assessment procedure are:

14. An independent regulatory body responsible for monitoring standards of electrical installation contractors is the

15. Voltage indication devices need to be proved to ensure

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