Electrical Quiz MCQ - Set 05 - ObjectiveBooks

Electrical Quiz MCQ - Set 05

Quiz Questions

01. Which of the following are appropriate tests for a completed panel?

02. The usual method of insulating core laminations is

03. A moving coil meter is not used on an ac circuit because

04. A residual current device will disconnect under

05. On a large construction site, inductions are carried out for new members of staff in order to inform them of the

06. Carbon-dioxide fire extinguishers are indicated by the color code

07. In a shunt-wound motor the field coil is connected in

08. It is necessary to avoid skin contact with quartz lamps, as it

09. Which of the following is a transmission voltage?

10. The white or grey PVC outer layer of a twin and CPC flat thermoplastic (PVC) cable is the

11. To ensure that a particular item of electro technical equipment meets a particular British Standard or BSEN Harmonized Standard, the best source of information would be the

12. When the field windings of an electrical machine are not connected to its own armature, it is known as

13. Low-pressure mercury- vapor lamps should be disposed of by

14. In order to prove safe isolation of an electrical circuit, it is essential to use

15. The type of fire extinguisher, which would not be suitable for flammable liquids, is

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