Electrical Quiz Questions and Answers - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Electrical Quiz Questions and Answers - Set 03

Quiz Questions

01. Particular starting arrangements are used when a motor has a rating greater than

02. Which of the following is statutory?

03. The purpose of a visual inspection is to ensure compliance with BS 7671, Section

04. Which legislation states the need to avoid live working unless unreasonable in all circumstances?

05. Which of the following normally form part of a highway electrical system?

06. Certain discharge luminaries mounted above rotating machine can give the appearance that the machine is at a standstill. This effect is known as

07. The four electrical tests that should be carried out on a new ring final circuit before it is energized are

08. Which of the following is a non-statutory regulation?

09. A suitable means of recording the number of visitors on a large construction site is by the use of a

10. A 110 V, centre-tapped earth, reduced low voltage supply for power tools provides a voltage of

11. Using a scale of 1 : 50, a 10 mm measurement taken from a plan would be equal to an actual measurement of

12. Prior to using an electric saw on a construction site, a user check finds that the insulation on the supply flex is damaged. The correct procedure would be to

13. The Electricity at Work Regulations state that electrical equipment must be maintained to prevent danger. Electrical equipment is defined as all small items of battery-powered equipment up to and including overhead power lines rated at

14. Guidance on regular inspection and testing of portable appliances can be found in

15. Relevant information for re commissioning street furniture can be found in

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