Online Test for Mechanical Engineering - Quiz Set 25 - ObjectiveBooks

Online Test for Mechanical Engineering - Quiz Set 25

Quiz Questions

01. The discharge through a turbine is

02. Which of the following is not wage incentive plan?

03. When the shear angle is large

04. Barometer is used to measure

05. Planck's law holds good for

06. Which of the following is not an impulse turbine?

07. If the temperature of a solid surface changes from 27°C to 627°C, then its emissive power changes in the ratio of

08. A cotter joint is used to transmit

09. An aluminium member is designed on the basis of

10. The thermostatic expansion valve is also called

11. A Pelton wheel develops 1750 kW under a head of 100 metres while running at 200 r.p.m. and discharging 2500 litres of water per second. The unit power of the wheel is

12. Galvanising is a

13. The first method invented for planning projects was

14. Which of the following statement is correct as regard to up milling?

15. The mechanical efficiency of an impulse turbine is

16. The edges of the boiler plates are bevelled to an angle of

17. Neutral flame is used to weld

18. Probabilistic time for completion of any activity can be found out from

19. The type of tool used on lathe, shaper and planer is

20. Buffing wheels are made of

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