Digital Computer Electronics Multiple Choice Questions - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Digital Computer Electronics Multiple Choice Questions - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which of the following Boolean algebra statements represent commutative law
    (A) (A+B)+CA+(B+C)
    (B) A.(B+C)(A.B)+(A.C)
    (C) A+BB+A
    (D) A+AA

2. A logic circuit which is used to change a BCD number into an equivalent decimal number is
    (A) Decoder
    (B) Encoder
    (C) Multiplexer
    (D) Code converter

3. The 2's compliment of binary number 010111.1100 is
    (A) 101001.1100
    (B) 101000.0100
    (C) 010111.0011
    (D) 101000.0011

4. Conversion of an octal number 1428 to binary number is
    (A) 11000102
    (B) 1101102
    (C) 11000112
    (D) 11011012

5. A combinational logic circuit which generates particular binary word or number is
    (A) Decoder
    (B) Multiplexer
    (C) Encoder
    (D) De-multiplexer

6. A byte is consist of ________ bits
    (A) Two
    (B) Four
    (C) Eight
    (D) Ten

7. Subtraction of 1001011002 from 11101010102 is
    (A) 10010111102
    (B) 01101000012
    (C) 1111000001211110000012
    (D) 11110111112

8. The two basic technologies for digital ICs are bipolar and MOS. Bipolar technology is preferred for_______ and _______ whereas MOS technology is better suited to LSI.
    (A) SSI, MSI
    (B) MSI, LSI
    (C) SSI, LSI
    (D) ECL, DTL

9. The NOR gate is logically equivalent to an OR gate followed by an ________
    (A) AND
    (B) XAND
    (C) XOR
    (D) Inverter

10. _______is an abbreviation for binary digit.
    (A) 0 and 1
    (B) Base
    (C) Bit
    (D) None of the above

11. The term sum-of-products in Boolean algebra means
    (A) The AND function of several OR functions
    (B) The OR function of several AND functions
    (C) The OR function of several OR functions
    (D) The AND function of several AND functions

12. How many full adders are required to construct an m- bit parallel adder?
    (A) m/2
    (B) m-1
    (C) m
    (D) m+1

13. The number of input words in a truth table always equals _______ where n is the number of inputs bits.
    (A) 10n
    (B) 2n
    (C) 4n
    (D) 8n

14. Conversion of binary number 100000000002 to decimal number is
    (A) 102410
    (B) 103410
    (C) 112410
    (D) 103710

15. Conversion of hexadecimal number 6B216 to it's binary number equivalent is
    (A) 11110001101112
    (B) 0110101100102
    (C) 01100110011112
    (D) 111111112

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