Disk Operating System (DOS) MCQ - Set 01 - ObjectiveBooks

Disk Operating System (DOS) MCQ - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. The COPY command of MS-DOS, is used to:
    (A) Copying files to transfer from one PC to another
    (B) Copying files for safe keeping or for record purpose
    (C) Copying files from the hard disk to floppy disks
    (D) All of the above

2. What type of commands are individual programs kept, as separate files on the hard disk (DOS diskette)?
    (A) External
    (B) Internal
    (C) Change
    (D) File

3. Which DOS command allows you to compress existing disks and to create new compressed volumes?
    (A) DEFRAG
    (D) MSAV

4. The PATH command is usually found as part of your ________ file.

5. Which of the following represents a correct sequence for the boot process on a DOS machine?

6. Which of the following commands will take you directly to the root directory no matter what subdirectory you are currently in?
    (A) CD \root
    (B) CD\
    (C) CD\..
    (D) CD..

7. The autoexec.bat configuration file
    (A) Is run after config.sys on system boot-up
    (B) Contains all windows configuration files
    (C) Is also known as config.sys
    (D) Checks for system polarity

8. While working with MS-DOS, which command is used to force DOS to recheck all clusters when reformatting a disk?
    (A) FORMAT/B
    (B) FORMAT/S
    (C) FORMAT/8
    (D) FORMAT/C

9. The MODE command of MS-DOS is used to
    (A) Display information about several types of devices installed in your computer
    (B) Provide various types of control over your printers
    (C) Make changes of the current display
    (D) All of the above

10. While working with MS-DOS, which command is used to display a list of deleted files that DOS can undelete?
    (A) UNDELETE *.*

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