Unix Quiz Questions and Answers - Set 06 - ObjectiveBooks

Unix Quiz Questions and Answers - Set 06

Practice Test: Question Set - 06

1. Which command is used with vi editor scroll half page backward?
    (A) [Control-d]
    (B) [Control - u]
    (C) [Control-c]
    (D) [Control -P]

2. Which command is used to terminate a process?
    (A) shutdown
    (B) haltsys
    (C) cancel
    (D) kill

3. Which command will be used with vi editor to replace text from cursor to right?
    (A) r
    (B) R
    (C) s
    (D) S

4. Which of the following commands is used to save the output of the who command in a file named user.lst, as well as display it?
    (A) who | tee user.lst
    (B) who > user.lst
    (C) who >> user.lst
    (D) who < user.lste

5. Which command is used to display the top of the file?
    (A) cat
    (B) head
    (C) more
    (D) grep

6. Which commands is used to assign executable permission to all of the files named "letter"?
    (A) chmod ugo+r letter
    (B) chmod ugo+rw letter
    (C) chmod u+x letter
    (D) chmod ugo+x letter

7. Which of command is used to copy a file?
    (A) copy
    (B) cp
    (C) cpio
    (D) tar

8. Which command is used to remove the read permission of the file 'note' from both the group and others?
    (A) chmod go+r note
    (B) chmod go+rw note
    (C) chmod go-x note
    (D) chmod go-r note

9. The chmod ugo+rw note command can be represented in octal notation as
    (A) chmod 555 note
    (B) chmod 666 note
    (C) chmod 444 note
    (D) chmod 333 note

10. Major expressions used with find command to select file is it has been accessed in more than 375 days, is
    (A) -atime +365
    (B) -mtime + 365
    (C) -atime -365
    (D) -mtime -365

11. Which command is used to concatenate all files beginning with the string 'emp' and followed by a non-numeric characters?
    (A) cat emp[!0-9]
    (B) more [emp][!0-9]
    (C) cat emp[x-z]
    (D) cat emp[a-z]

12. Which shell's wild-cards is used to match a single character?
    (A) *
    (B) ?
    (C) [ijk]
    (D) [!ijk]

13. Which command is used to move all files to the bin sub-directory of the parent directory?
    (A) mv *.* /bin/
    (B) mv * /bin/*
    (C) mv * ../bin
    (D) mv * ../bin *.*

14. Which of the following special shell variables is used to process number of the last background job?
    (A) $!
    (B) $#
    (C) $0
    (D) $*

15. If a file has read and write permissions for the owner, then the octal representation of the permissions will be
    (A) 1
    (B) 6
    (C) 5
    (D) 3

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