Artificial Intelligence MCQ Questions - Set 06 - ObjectiveBooks

Artificial Intelligence MCQ Questions - Set 06

Practice Test: Question Set - 06

1. In LISP, the function returns t if <object> is a CONS cell and nil otherwise:
    (A) (cons <object>)
    (B) (consp <object>)
    (C) (eq <object>)
    (D) (cous = <object>)

2. A series of AI systems developed by Pat Langley to explore the role of heuristics in scientific discovery.
    (A) RAMD
    (B) BACON
    (C) MIT
    (D) DU

3. Which approach to speech recognition avoids the problem caused by the variation in speech patterns among different speakers?
    (A) Continuous speech recognition
    (B) Isolated word recognition
    (C) Connected word recognition
    (D) Speaker-dependent recognition

4. In a rule-based system, procedural domain knowledge is in the form of:
    (A) Production rules
    (B) Rule interpreters
    (C) Meta-rules
    (D) Control rules

5. An AI system developed by Daniel Bobrow to read and solve algebra word problems
    (A) SHRDLU
    (B) SIMD
    (C) BACON

6. If a robot can alter its own trajectory in response to external conditions, it is considered to be:
    (A) Intelligent
    (B) Mobile
    (C) Open loop
    (D) Non-servo

7. Graphic interfaces were first used in a Xerox product called:
    (A) InterLISP
    (B) Ethernet
    (C) Smalltalk
    (D) ZetaLISP

8. The applications in the Strategic Computing Program include:
    (A) Battle management
    (B) Autonomous systems
    (C) Pilot's associate
    (D) All of the above

9. The Al researcher who co-authored both the Handbook of Artificial Intelligence and The Fifth Generation is:
    (A) Bruce Lee
    (B) Randy Davis
    (C) Ed Feigenbaum
    (D) Mark Fox

10. One of the leading American robotics centers is the Robotics Institute located at:
    (A) CMU
    (B) MIT
    (C) RAND
    (D) SRI

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