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Automation System Multiple Choice Questions

Practice Test: Question Set - 16

1. When of the following produces the best quality graphics reproduction?
    (A) Dot metric printers
    (B) Ink jet printers
    (C) Laser printers
    (D) Plotters

2. The user communicates directly with the computer through its peripheral devices is known as
    (A) On-line processing
    (B) Remote-terminal processing
    (C) Batch mode processing
    (D) Intelligent terminal Processing

3. What key hardware item ties a CAD/ CAM system together?
    (A) Mouse
    (B) Graphics workstation
    (C) Digitizer
    (D) Plotter

4. The device that assembles groups of characters into complete messages prior to their entering the CPU is called:
    (A) A compiler
    (B) An interpreter
    (C) A communications processor
    (D) An editor

5. A drum timer is a good example of:
    (A) An output actuator
    (B) An input sensor
    (C) A position sensor
    (D) A sequence controller

6. A solenoid:
    (A) Can be used only in de circuits
    (B) Is spring operated
    (C) Is widely used in industrial automation
    (D) Is related to an aneroid

7. What should be first considered in choosing a plotter?
    (A) The hardware you currently own
    (B) The application for which it will be used
    (C) The type of data you will input
    (D) None of the above

8. Which of the following devices could be part of a sensor?
    (A) Thermometer
    (B) Brake
    (C) Relay
    (D) Clutch

9. Flat panel displays are based on what type of technology?
    (A) Direct view storage tube
    (B) Very large-scale integration (VLSI)
    (C) Solid state
    (D) RGB monitor

10. Pressure sensors:
    (A) Use the piezoresistive effect in strain gauge sensors
    (B) Use an aneroid chamber with a variable resistance output
    (C) Use capacitive variations to sense pressure
    (D) All of the above

11. Which of the following is a graphical input device?
    (A) Light pen
    (B) Keyboard
    (C) Mouse
    (D) Track ball

12. An aneroid barometer
    (A) Is very unreliable
    (B) Can measure only atmospheric pressure
    (C) Measures pressure by sensing deflection of an evacuated chambers
    (D) Can be used to measure gas or liquid flow rates

13. A discrete parts process is:
    (A) The same as a continuous process except a different controller must be used
    (B) Often encountered in manufacturing
    (C) Normally a repetitive series of operations
    (D) Both (b) and (c)

14. Flexible manufacturing allows for:
    (A) Factory management
    (B) Automated design
    (C) Tool design and tool production
    (D) Quick and inexpensive product changes

15. Productivity is defined as:
    (A) Number of items manufactured per day
    (B) Output per man-hour of labour
    (C) Cost per day
    (D) Cost per unit

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