Chemical Engineering CBT Quiz - Set 11 - ObjectiveBooks

Chemical Engineering CBT Quiz - Set 11

Quiz Questions - Set 11

01. A material expanding freely due to heating will develop __________ stress.

02. Which of the following pair is correctly matched?

03. Presence of sulphur in the fuel fired in a furnace

04. Addition of beryllium to copper is done mainly to produce a/an __________ alloy.

05. Which of the following hardness tests uses the depth of penetration caused by the indentor as the parameter for arriving at the hardness value of a material?

06. The tensile strength of plastics ranges from __________ kg/mm square.

07. Which of the following metals can be extracted from its ore by both Pyrometallurgical as well as hydrometallurgical methods?

08. Pressure gauges are never connected directly to the live steam line; rather a loop or syphon is interposed as close as possible to the pressure gauge. This is done to

09. Filler metal is not used in the __________ welding.

10. The pH value is the measure of hydrogen ion concentration in a solution. The term pH stands for the __________ in the solution.

11. An ‘orange peel’ effect is observed

12. Eutectoid reaction for iron-carbon system occurs at a temperature of __________ °C.

13. α-rays are

14. Hard magnetic materials have high

15. __________ are not emitted by radioactive substances.

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