Chemical Engineering Objective Questions Quiz - Set 13 - ObjectiveBooks

Chemical Engineering Objective Questions Quiz - Set 13

Quiz Questions - Set 13

01. In hot working, dynamic recovery occurs in

02. In an isochoric process,

03. The thermal efficiency of a heat engine giving an output of 4 KW with an input of 10000 Joules/sec is __________ percent.

04. A fine grained grinding wheel should not be used for grinding __________ materials.

05. Piezoelectric is a material

06. Which of the following metals occurs in nature in their free metallic state?

07. Carburettor in a spark ignition engine is used to

08. The standard instrument used for calibrating the load applied by universal testing machine is called

09. Light year is the unit of

10. Lead is most readily dissolved in

11. Which of the following alloying elements when added in steel does not improve its machinability?

12. A boy weighing 110lb climbs up a 50 ft high vertical destination in 100 seconds. Horse power of the boy is __________ hp.

13. Aluminium oxide (an abrasive) is used for grinding

14. On an average __________ fast neutrons are produced by nuclear fission of each atom of uranium-235.

15. Ceramic tips for the cutting tool are prepared from __________ powder.

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