Chemical Engineering Quiz Questions & Answers - Set 09 - ObjectiveBooks

Chemical Engineering Quiz Questions & Answers - Set 09

Quiz Questions - Set 09

01. Filler metal is used in __________ welding.

02. 'End cooler' or 'after cooler' is employed in air compressor mainly to

03. Heat transfer by radiation from a hot body will be most rapid, if its surface is __________ because of its higher emissivity.

04. Out of the following, the best material capable of withstanding shock & vibration without the danger of cracking is

05. A controller action in which there is a continuous relation between the values of controlled variable and the rate of change of controlled output signal is called the __________ action.

06. Acetylene should never be conveyed through __________ pipe, as it forms an unstable compound that dissociates violently at the slightest shock.

07. Pick out the wrong statement.

08. __________ cycle is the most efficient thermodynamic cycle.

09. In which of the following reactions, application of vacuum will help?

10. An orthotropic material is a special class of anisotropic material, which is described by their properties in three perpendicular directions. An example of orthotropic material is

11. Maxwell's thermodynamic relations applies to the

12. High __________ of cast iron makes it suitable for use in machine beds.

13. Sudden immersion/dipping of red hot steel bar in water makes it

14. Color of brass changes from yellow to __________ after its dezincification which exemplifies selective leaching.

15. First empirical temperature scale conceived is the __________ temperature scale.

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