Computer Based Test Quiz Chemical Engineering - Set 12 - ObjectiveBooks

Computer Based Test Quiz Chemical Engineering - Set 12

Quiz Questions - Set 12

01. Ceramic tips for the cutting tool are prepared from __________ powder.

02. Carbon percentage in high speed steel tool material is 0.6 to 1.0. The hardness of carbon tool steels is increased, when it is alloyed with

03. Oxygen content below __________ percent in air contaminated with nitrogen does not support combustion and is unsafe for humane exposure.

04. Paint spray gun works on the principle of

05. What is the effect on the performance of the economiser in the thermal power plant boiler, if the feed water temperature is very low due to preheaters being out for repairs or starving of steam supply?

06. A floating body oscillates about its __________ when it is displaced slightly.

07. Springs are not made of

08. Freezing of 35% oleum during its shipment in winter is avoided by the addition of small amount of

09. A __________ type pressure sensing element is commonly used in aneroid barometer.

10. The factor of safety for brittle materials (having elongation less than 5%) is based on the __________ stress.

11. Materials used for making permanent magnets containing iron and nickel are made by __________ technique.

12. 'Sterilised zone' around a hazardous chemical industry is an area with __________ km radius around it, in which the total population/inhabitants should be less than 20000 preferably in the upwind direction.

13. The predominant mode of heat transfer which takes place from boiler furnace to water walls of a boiler is

14. Grain hardness is measured by the __________ hardness testing method.

15. Castability of aluminium is increased by the addition of __________ in it.

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