Computer Hardware Online Quiz Questions - Set 14 - ObjectiveBooks

Computer Hardware Online Quiz Questions - Set 14

Practice Test: Question Set - 14

1. Why does a successfully mapped network drive disappear every time you boot the computer?
    (A) The computer you are connected to has moved
    (B) You didn't click reconnect on log on
    (C) The map statement is not in the autoexec.bat file
    (D) The last drive was not set correctly

2. What beep codes could indicate a system board or power supply failure?
    (A) Steady short beep
    (B) No beep
    (C) One long continuous beep tone
    (D) All of the above

3. You are testing the resistance in Ohms of a fuse on a 2 amp system. If the fuse is good, the meter should read?
    (A) 0.0
    (B) 0.2
    (C) 5.0
    (D) 2.0

4. Which is the easiest component to environmentally recycle?
    (A) Motherboards
    (B) CMOS batteries
    (C) Toner cartridges
    (D) Cathode ray tubes

5. When measuring AC (Alternating Current) with a multimeter, it is important to maintain the proper polarity.
    (A) True
    (B) False

6. Resistance is measured in?
    (A) Volts
    (B) Amps
    (C) Watts
    (D) Ohms

7. Upper Memory blocks are located where?
    (A) Conventional Memory
    (B) Extended Memory
    (C) Expanded memory
    (D) Reserved Memory

8. To test for AC ripple on a PC power supply, you would set the volt/ohm meter for:
    (A) DC voltage scale
    (B) AC voltage
    (C) OHM scale
    (D) Farad scale

9. Which should you use for cleaning Mylar-protected LCD screens?
    (A) Ammonia window cleaner
    (B) Non-abrasive cleanser
    (C) Anti-static wipes
    (D) Alcohol-impregnated wipes

10. What voltage does a Pentium system use?
    (A) +12 volts
    (B) + 5 volts
    (C) + 8 volts
    (D) + 3.3 volts

11. During the laser printer's conditioning phase a uniform charge of _________ is placed on the photosensitive drum.
    (A) +1000 volt
    (B) +600 volts
    (C) -600 volts
    (D) -1000 volts

12. What resistance in ohms should be displayed when testing a speaker in a computer?
    (A) 0 Ohms
    (B) 16 Ohms
    (C) -200 Ohms
    (D) Unlimited Ohms

13. When connecting two internal SCSI hard disks to a computer, where do you connect the second hard drive?
    (A) Any open SCSI port on the computer
    (B) A Serial port on the first host adapter
    (C) An open parallel port on the computer
    (D) An open SCSI port on the first hard drive

14. RS-232 is a standard that applies to:
    (A) Serial ports
    (B) Parallel ports
    (C) Game ports
    (D) Networks

15. In ROM BIOS, the acronym BIOS stands for:
    (A) Basic Intuitive Output Set
    (B) Basic Input Organizational System
    (C) Basic Input Output System
    (D) Basic Industry Operating System

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