Computer Networks Interview Questions - Set 08 - ObjectiveBooks

Computer Networks Interview Questions - Set 08

Practice Test: Question Set - 08

1. In _________ to send a multicast message a host sends it to the core, which then does the multicast along the spanning tree.
    (A) Core based Trees
    (B) AVL trees
    (C) Binary trees
    (D) Sparse trees

2. The hosts which are basically stationary hosts who move from one fixed site to another from time to time but use the network only when are physically connected to it are called _________
    (A) Migratory hosts
    (B) Stationary hosts
    (C) Mobile hosts
    (D) Random hosts

3. What is it goal of congestion control?
    (A) Making sure that subnet is not able to carry the offered traffic
    (B) Making sure that subnet will allow more than the offered packets
    (C) Making sure that subnet is able to carry the offered traffic
    (D) Making sure that subnet will not allow any traffic

4. Sending of a IP packet from host 1 to host 2 where both are of same LAN but the packet is transferred through different intermediate called _________
    (A) Tunneling
    (B) Routing
    (C) Diverting
    (D) Forwarding

5. If the route from I to J is computed in advance, off line, and downloaded to the routers when the network is booted is called as _________
    (A) Dynamic routing
    (B) Session routing
    (C) Temporary routing
    (D) Static routing

6. In shortest path routing algorithm, the path length is measured based on _________
    (A) Time delay
    (B) Number of hops
    (C) Size of the routers
    (D) Routing table

7. In which routing method do all the routers have a common database?
    (A) Distance Vector
    (B) Link Vector
    (C) Shortest path
    (D) Link State

8. While booting the system the IP address is _________

9. When the source host receives the choke packet, then the source _________
    (A) Reduces the capacity of the line
    (B) Reduces the line utilization factor
    (C) Reduces the traffic generation
    (D) Rate reduces the threshold value

10. A repeater takes a weakened or corrupted signal and ________ it.
    (A) Amplifies
    (B) Regenerates
    (C) Resample
    (D) Reroute

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