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Computer Networks Objective Questions & Answers

Practice Test: Question Set - 10

1. The regions in Hierarchical routing are grouped in to ________
    (A) Clusters
    (B) Zones
    (C) Blocks
    (D) Cells

2. The processes that keep track of hosts whose home is in the area, but who currently visiting another area is _________.
    (A) Home agent
    (B) Mobile agent
    (C) Foreign agent
    (D) User agent

3. Sending a message to a well defined group that are numerically large in size but small compared to the network as a whole is called _________
    (A) Uni-casting
    (B) Multicasting
    (C) Broadcasting
    (D) None of these

4. Military vehicles on a battlefield with no existing infrastructure will deploy _________ network.
    (A) MANET
    (B) Cell Network
    (C) LAN
    (D) Wi-Fi

5. Packet discard policy is implemented in _________
    (A) Physical layer
    (B) Data link layer
    (C) MAC layer
    (D) Network layer

6. The service of open loop congestion control technique is _________
    (A) Monitor the system to detect when and where congestion occurs
    (B) When to accept new traffic
    (C) Pass the information to places where action can be taken
    (D) Adjusting the system to correct the problem

7. In _________ all frames are given to the computer, not to those addressed.
    (A) Promiscuous mode
    (B) Miscues mode
    (C) Normal mode
    (D) Special Mode

8. Source routing bridges in the same LANs must have _________ bridge Number.
    (A) Same
    (B) Different
    (C) Source
    (D) Destination

9. Adaptive routing algorithms get their information from __________
    (A) Only from local environment
    (B) Only from adjacent routers
    (C) From locally, adjacent, external routers
    (D) Only from external routers

10. The solution to increase the capacity when congestion occurs is __________
    (A) Denying service to the users
    (B) Degrading the service to the users
    (C) Splitting traffic over multiple routes
    (D) Rescheduled the demands of the users

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