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Computer Organization and Architecture Online Test

Practice Test: Question Set - 07

1. The BSA instruction is________.
    (A) Branch and store accumulator
    (B) Branch and save return address
    (C) Branch and shift address
    (D) Branch and show accumulator

2. A floating point number that has a O in the MSB of mantissa is said to have________.
    (A) Overflow
    (B) Underflow
    (C) Important number
    (D) Undefined

3. Translation from symbolic program into Binary is done in________.
    (A) Two passes
    (B) Directly
    (C) Three passes
    (D) Four passes

4. The instruction ‘ORG O’ is a________.
    (A) Machine Instruction
    (B) Pseudo instruction
    (C) High level instruction
    (D) Memory instruction

5. ‘Aging registers’ are ________.
    (A) Counters which indicate how long ago their associated pages have been referenced
    (B) Registers which keep track of when the program was last accessed
    (C) Counters to keep track of last accessed instruction
    (D) Counters to keep track of the latest data structures referred

6. Memory unit accessed by content is called________.
    (A) Read only memory
    (B) Programmable Memory
    (C) Virtual Memory
    (D) Associative Memory

7. A three input NOR gate gives logic high output only when________.
    (A) One input is high
    (B) One input is low
    (C) Two input are low
    (D) All input are high

8. The circuit converting binary data in to decimal is_________.
    (A) Encoder
    (B) Multiplexer
    (C) Decoder
    (D) Code converter

9. PSW is saved in stack when there is a ________.
    (A) Interrupt recognized
    (B) Execution of RST instruction
    (C) Execution of CALL instruction
    (D) All of these

10. In computers, subtraction is carried out generally by________.
    (A) 1’s complement method
    (B) 2’s complement method
    (C) Signed magnitude method
    (D) BCD subtraction method

11. An n-bit microprocessor has________.
    (A) n-bit program counter
    (B) n-bit address register
    (C) n-bit ALU
    (D) n-bit instructions register

12. When CPU is executing a Program that is part of the Operating System, it is said to be in ________.
    (A) Interrupt mode
    (B) System mode
    (C) Half mode
    (D) Simplex mode

13. Logic X-OR operation of (4ACO)H & (B53F)H results ________.
    (A) AACB
    (B) 0000
    (C) FFFF
    (D) ABCD

14. A Stack-organized Computer uses instruction of ________.
    (A) Indirect addressing
    (B) Two-addressing
    (C) Zero addressing
    (D) Index addressing

15. Cache memory acts between_________.
    (A) CPU and RAM
    (B) RAM and ROM
    (C) CPU and Hard Disk
    (D) None of these

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