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Computer Science Hardware Free Test - Set 05

Practice Test: Question Set - 05

1. What component would most likely cause a "parity error"?
    (A) Bad hard disk
    (B) Bad controller
    (C) Bad RAM
    (D) Bad software

2. A capacitor is measured in which of the following units?
    (A) Volts
    (B) Ohms
    (C) Farads
    (D) Resistance

3. ________ help prevent power surges.
    (A) Surge suppressor
    (B) Spike protector
    (C) UPS system
    (D) High-grade multi-meter

4. What command is used to reset a MODEM when using the
    (A) ATR
    (B) ATZ
    (C) DTR
    (D) DCE

5. What is the recommended way to fix the registry description for the printer driver?
    (A) Delete the spool file
    (B) Run regedit.exe and remove any reference to the printers
    (C) Run sysedit.exe and remove any reference to the printers
    (D) Remove the printer driver and reinstall it

6. A 6xx indicates a problem with the:
    (A) Floppy drive
    (B) Hard drive
    (C) Keyboard
    (D) CD ROM

7. Why does a successfully mapped network drive disappear every time you boot the computer?
    (A) The computer you are connected to has moved
    (B) You didn't click reconnect on log on
    (C) The map statement is not in the autoexec.bat file
    (D) The last drive was not set correctly

8. What is the size of the reserved memory area?
    (A) 64 kb
    (B) 384 kb
    (C) 640 kb
    (D) 1024 kb

9. When installing an internal modem, all of the following IRQ's can be used except?
    (A) 5
    (B) 10
    (C) 14
    (D) None of the above

10. Your IDE hard drive is not spinning up when you turn on the PC. What is the most likely problem?
    (A) Bad data cable
    (B) Incorrect jumper setting on drive
    (C) Loose molex connector
    (D) Virus

11. Which provides the fastest data access time?
    (A) RAM
    (B) ROM
    (C) CD-ROM
    (D) Hard disk

12. A customer attached an external drive to his notebook computer but the computer is not recognizing it. What should be considered?
    (A) The cables are attached firmly
    (B) The external drive has been preloaded with the appropriate software
    (C) The external drive was attached before the computer was on
    (D) All of the above

13. Which is LEAST likely to interfere with upgrading to a newer DOS Version?
    (A) ROM BIOS
    (B) Video controller
    (C) Compressed drives
    (D) Existing backup files

14. What configuration should a Volt-Ohm meter he set to when testing a fuse?
    (A) DC volts
    (B) AC volts
    (C) Amperage
    (D) Ohms

15. A capacitor is measured in which of the following units?
    (A) Volts
    (B) Ohms
    (C) Farads
    (D) Resistance

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