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Couplings Objective Type Questions Answers - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. While designing a shaft, key and hub, care is taken so that
    (A) Shaft is the weakest component
    (B) Key is the strongest component
    (C) Key is the weakest component
    (D) The hub is the weakest component

2. The maximum shear stress induced in a transmission shaft, subjected to bending stress (σb) and torsional shear stress (τ), is given by,
    (A) √[(σb/2)2 + τ2]
    (B) √[σb2+ τ2]
    (C) σb/2 + ½ √[(σb/2)2 + τ2]
    (D) None of above

3. The function of key is
    (A) To connect transmission shaft to a rotating machine elements like gears
    (B) To transmit torque from shaft to hub and vice versa
    (C) To prevent relative rotational motion between the shaft and the connected element
    (D) All of above three functions

4. A flange coupling is used
    (A) For intersecting shafts
    (B) For collinear shafts
    (C) For small shafts rotating at slow speeds
    (D) For parallel shafts

5. The standard taper for sunk key is
    (A) 1 in 100
    (B) 1 in 50
    (C) 1 in 10
    (D) 1 in 1000

6. The standard width for square or flat key in terms of shaft diameter (D) is,
    (A) d
    (B) d/2
    (C) d/4
    (D) d/8

7. In case of saddle key
    (A) The keyway is cut in the shaft only
    (B) The keyway is cut in the hub only
    (C) The keyway is cut in both the shaft and the hub
    (D) None of the above

8. Which is the correct statement?
    (A) Cold rolling produces stronger shafts than hot rolling
    (B) Hot rolling produces stronger shafts than cold rolling
    (C) Cold rolling and hot rolling produces equally strong shafts
    (D) Strength of shaft is independent of rolling processes

9. The key, which consists of two square keys, is called,
    (A) Saddle key
    (B) Feather key
    (C) Woodruff key
    (D) Kennedy key

10. A muff coupling is
    (A) Rigid coupling
    (B) Flexible coupling
    (C) Shock absorbing coupling
    (D) None of the above

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