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Data Structures and Algorithms MCQ Practice Test

Practice Test: Question Set - 07

1. Inserting an item into the stack when stack is not full is called ________ Operation and deletion of item form the stack, when stack is not is called _______operation.
    (A) Push, pop
    (B) Pop, push
    (C) Insert, delete
    (D) Delete, insert

2. Identify the data structure which allows deletions at both ends of the list but insertion at only one end.
    (A) Input restricted deque
    (B) Output restricted queue
    (C) Priority queues
    (D) Stack

3. State True of False.
    (i) Network is a graph that has weights or costs associated with it.
    (ii) An undirected graph which contains no cycles is called a forest.
    (iii) A graph is said to be complete if there is no edge between every pair of vertices.
    (A) True, False, True
    (B) True, True, False
    (C) True, True, True
    (D) False, True, True

4. Which of the following is not the internal sort?
    (A) Insertion Sort
    (B) Bubble Sort
    (C) Merge Sort
    (D) Heap Sort

5. State true or false.
    (i) The degree of root node is always zero.
    (ii) Nodes that are not root and not leaf are called as internal nodes.
    (A) True, True
    (B) True, False
    (C) False, True
    (D) False, False

6. State true of false.
    (i) A node is a parent if it has successor nodes.
    (ii) A node is child node if out degree is one.
    (A) True, True
    (B) True, False
    (C) False, True
    (D) False, False

7. State true or false.
    (i) An empty tree is also a binary tree.
    (ii) In strictly binary tree, the out-degree of every node is either 0 or 2.
    (A) True, False
    (B) False, True
    (C) True, True
    (D) False, False

8. The use of pointers to refer elements of a data structure in which elements are logically adjacent is _________.
    (A) Pointers
    (B) Linked allocation
    (C) Stack
    (D) Queue

9. In the _________ traversal we process all of a vertex’s descendants before we move to an adjacent vertex.
    (A) Depth First
    (B) Breadth First
    (C) With First
    (D) Depth Limited

10. _______ level is where the model becomes compatible executable code
    (A) Abstract level
    (B) Application level
    (C) Implementation level
    (D) All of the above

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