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DOS Multiple Choice Questions - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. While working with MS-DOS, which command will you use to transfer a specific file from one disk to another?
    (A) COPY
    (C) TIME
    (D) RENAME

2. Which command of MS-DOS is used to copy only files that have been modified on or after the date you specify?
    (A) XCOPY/D : date
    (B) COPY/D : date
    (C) COPY/M
    (D) XCOPY/V

3. Which DOS command is used to remove and scan memory and disk from viruses?
    (A) MSAV
    (B) DEFRAG
    (D) VSAFE

4. HIMEM.SYS controls:
    (A) DOS=HIGH
    (D) Extended Memory

5. You want to view the contents of autoexec.bat on the screen using the "type" command, but it scrolls by too quickly, what switch do you use to make it pause?
    (A) type c:\autoexec.bat /p
    (B) type c:\autoexec.bat/more
    (C) type c:\autoexec.bat|pause
    (D) type c:\autoexec.bat|more

6. What switch would you use to view Smartdrive statistics?
    (A) /x
    (B) /e:
    (C) /s
    (D) /o:n

7. What command can you add to the AUTOEXEC.BAT file so that your computer temporarily stops in the execution of the file before continuing?
    (A) Pause
    (B) Halt
    (C) Wait x.xx seconds
    (D) Wait until Files="x"

8. While working with MS-DOS, which command is used to display the contents of a file and pause the display after each screenful of information?
    (A) TYPE filename | MORE
    (B) CAT filename | MORE
    (C) CAT filename | pg
    (D) MORE filename

9. Which command will be used to display a column file compression ratio for each file of Double spaced disk?
    (A) DIR/W
    (B) DIR/S
    (C) DIR/B
    (D) DIR /C (/C switch introduced in DOS version 6.00)

10. Which best describes a fragmented hard drive?
    (A) The platters are bad
    (B) Data files are corrupted
    (C) Clusters of data are damaged
    (D) Files are not stored in consecutive clusters

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