DOS Questions & Answers - Set 06 - ObjectiveBooks

DOS Questions & Answers - Set 06

Practice Test: Question Set - 06

1. Which of the following is loaded for CD-ROM support?
    (A) VLM.EXE

2. Which DOS command would allow you to redirect a printer?
    (A) Type
    (B) Capture
    (C) Mode
    (D) Print

3. After searching the current directory where does search next?
    (B) Config.sys
    (C) Autoexec.bat
    (D) The Path Statement

4. What is a TSR?
    (A) Test status request
    (B) Terminate and stay resident program
    (C) Take status request
    (D) Token set ready

5. You suspect that your automatic modem dialer is not working correctly. Which of the following commands will manually dial the number 123-4567?
    (A) AT1234567
    (B) ATDT1234567
    (C) AT1234567DL
    (D) ATM 1234567

6. Filename extensions help identify certain files. What filename extension identifies command files?
    (A) COM
    (B) BAT
    (C) EXE
    (D) SYS

7. Which of the following applies to external DOS commands?
    (A) External commands reside in RAM until called
    (B) External commands are stored on disk separately from COMMAND.COM
    (C) External commands must always be used with the /e switch
    (D) External commands can only be executed from a batch file

8. While working with MS-DOS, which command is used to restore only those files modified since the last backup, from the drive A to the currently logged drive or directory?
    (A) RESTORE A: *.*/S
    (B) RESTORE A: *.*/M
    (C) RESTORE A: *.*/N
    (D) RESTORE A: *.*/L

9. What is the order in which Command.Com searches for programs to execute?
    (A) EXE, COM, BAT
    (B) EXE, BAT, COM
    (C) COM, EXE, BAT
    (D) BAT, COM, EXE

10. The term TSR is an abbreviation for:
    (A) Terminate Stay Ready
    (B) Testing System Read
    (C) Terminal Still Ready
    (D) Terminate Stay Resident

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