Free Mock Test Computer Networks - Set 09 - ObjectiveBooks

Free Mock Test Computer Networks - Set 09

Practice Test: Question Set - 09

1. In ________, each packet of a message follows the same path from sender to receiver.
    (A) Circuit switching
    (B) Message switching
    (C) Virtual approach to packet switching
    (D) Datagram approach to packet switching

2. A normal Flooding technique is an example of _________
    (A) Multicasting
    (B) Uni-casting
    (C) Telecasting
    (D) Broadcasting

3. The hosts who compute on the run and want to maintain their connections as they move around __________
    (A) Migratory hosts
    (B) Stationary hosts
    (C) Mobile hosts
    (D) Random hosts

4. In ________ case higher bandwidth can be achieved.
    (A) Connectionless networks
    (B) Connection oriented networks
    (C) Virtual circuit networks
    (D) Optical networks

5. In Hierarchical routing for N router subnet, the optimal number of levels is _________
    (A) logN
    (B) log(N-1)
    (C) lnN
    (D) ln(N-1)

6. Which of the following is required to communicate between two computers?
    (A) Communications software
    (B) Protocol
    (C) Communication hardware
    (D) All of above including access to transmission medium

7. What is the routing algorithm used in MANETs?
    (A) Shortest Path First
    (B) Routing Information Protocol
    (C) Distance Vector Protocol
    (D) Ad hoc On-demand

8. In distance vector routing algorithm, the routing tables are updated __________
    (A) By exchanging information with the neighbors
    (B) Automatically
    (C) Using the backup database
    (D) By the server

9. The Clusters in Hierarchical routing are grouped in to ________
    (A) Clusters
    (B) Zones
    (C) Blocks 
    (D) Cells

10. When routers are being inundated by packets that they cannot handle, they just throw them away is known as _________
    (A) Jitter control
    (B) Random early detection
    (C) Choke packets
    (D) Load shedding

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