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Free Online Practice Test DOS - Set 08

Practice Test: Question Set - 08

1. What command is used to reset a MODEM when using the "AT Command Set"?
    (A) ATR
    (B) ATZ
    (C) DTR
    (D) DCE

2. A ________ boot is when DOS is restarted without turning off the computer.
    (A) Warm
    (B) Reboot
    (C) Shutdown
    (D) System up

3. Which two commands enable you to move between directories?
    (A) CD
    (B) CHDIR
    (C) MOVE
    (D) MOVE DIR

4. Which command will be used to display file and directory names only, without size, date, and time information?
    (A) DIR/W
    (B) DIR A:
    (C) DIR/B
    (D) DIR/S

5. The COPY command of MS-DOS, is used to:
    (A) Copying files from one floppy disk to another floppy disk
    (B) Copying one or more files on the same disk or directory
    (C) Copying two or more files into a single file
    (D) All of the above

6. While using the DIR command, you can use certain switches with it. Which one of the following cannot be used with DIR?
    (A) /P
    (B) /W
    (C) /S
    (D) /T

7. The ________ switch instructs DOS to display the directory list in a wide format.
    (A) /W
    (B) /O
    (C) /P
    (D) /B

8. Which command is used to delete the directory that is empty?
    (A) DEL *.*
    (B) RD
    (C) ERASE
    (D) MD

9. When MS-DOS formats a disk, it automatically creates the main directory on your disk, which is called the _______ directory.
    (A) main
    (B) root
    (C) area
    (D) border

10. Where do you load the CD Rom drivers?
    (A) Autoexec.bat
    (B) Control Panel/Drivers
    (C) Into Upper memory
    (D) Config.sys

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