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GATE PSU Exam Questions Artificial Intelligence - Set 11

Practice Test: Question Set - 11

1. In LISP, the function returns the list that results after the first element is removed (the rest f the list), is
    (A) Car
    (B) Last
    (C) Cons
    (D) cdr

2. In LISP, the function evaluates both <variable> and <object> is
    (A) Set
    (B) Setq
    (C) Add
    (D) Eva

3. The component of an ICAI (Intelligent Computer-Asslsted Instruction) presenting information to the student is the:
    (A) Student model
    (B) Problem-solving expertise
    (C) Tutoring module
    (D) All of the above

4. One definition of AI focuses on problem-solving methods that process:
    (A) Smell
    (B) Symbols
    (C) Touch
    (D) Algorithms

5. Which type of actuator generates a good deal of power but tends to be messy?
    (A) Electric
    (B) Hydraulic
    (C) Pneumatic
    (D) None of the above

6. The Newell and Simon program that proved theorems of Principia Mathematica was:
    (A) Elementary Perceiver
    (B) General Problem Solver
    (C) Logic Theorist
    (D) Boolean Algebra

7. In LISP, the function assigns . the value of a to b is
    (A) (setq a b)
    (B) (setq b a )
    (C) (b = a)
    (D) (set b = a)

8. Research scientists all over the world are taking steps towards building computers with circuits patterned after the complex inter connections existing among the human brain's nerve cells. What name is given to such type of computers?
    (A) Intelligent computers
    (B) Supercomputers
    (C) Neural network computers
    (D) Smart computers

9. A certain Professor at the Stanford University coined the word 'artificial intelligence' in 1956 at a conference held at Dartmouth College. Can you name the Professor?
    (A) David Levy
    (B) John McCarthy
    (C) Joseph Weizenbaum
    (D) Hans Berliner

10. The hardware features of LISP machines generally include:
    (A) Large memory and a high-speed processor
    (B) Letter-quality printers and 8-inch disk drives
    (C) A mouse and a specialized keyboard
    (D) Both (a) and (c)

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