Govt. Exam Preparation Hardware Engineering - Set 15 - ObjectiveBooks

Govt. Exam Preparation Hardware Engineering - Set 15

Practice Test: Question Set - 15

1. When a bearing in the power supply fan goes out, what should you replace?
    (A) Fan
    (B) Case
    (C) Bearing
    (D) Power supply

2. On a dot matrix printer, you should never lubricate which part?
    (A) Carriage rails
    (B) Print-head pins
    (C) Paper advance bearings
    (D) Carriage bearings

3. What is the first thing you could do to check for damage to a printer after receiving it?
    (A) Run MSD diagnostics
    (B) Attach it to a PC and print something
    (C) Check the cables
    (D) Unbox it and examine it for physical damage

4. In which mode can two or more applications be stored in memory at the same time?
    (A) Segmented Mode
    (B) Unprotected Mode
    (C) Real Mode
    (D) Protected Mode

5. What tool is used to test serial and parallel ports?
    (A) High volt probe
    (B) Cable scanner
    (C) Loop backs (wrap plugs)
    (D) Sniffer

6. An anti static strap uses a small _______ to make sure you do not become the least path of resistance to the ground?
    (A) Capacitor
    (B) Diode
    (C) Transistor
    (D) Resistor

7. What could cause a fixed disk error?
    (A) No-CD installed
    (B) Bad ram
    (C) Slow processor
    (D) Incorrect CMOS settings

8. What is the size of a sector?
    (A) 512 bytes
    (B) 256 bytes
    (C) 512 Kb
    (D) 1024 bytes

9. You must service the laser printer in your office. Which part of the printer shoud you avoid touching because it is hot?
    (A) Fuser
    (B) Printer head
    (C) Primary corona
    (D) High-voltage power supply

10. For a Macintosh to print successfully, the System Folder must contain:
    (A) File sharing software
    (B) A printer enabler
    (C) The apple Garamond font set
    (D) A printer driver

11. Which standard govern parallel communications?
    (A) RS232
    (B) RS-232a
    (C) CAT 5
    (D) IEEE 1284

12. In which phase of the laser printing process is a positive charge placed on the paper to pull the toner from the print drum?
    (A) Writing
    (B) Transferring
    (C) Conditioning
    (D) None of the above

13. What Does EISA stand for?
    (A) Extended Industry Standard Architecture
    (B) Expanded Industry Standard Architecture
    (C) Enhanced Industry Standard Architecture
    (D) Electronics Industry Standard Architecture

14. In a computer with an eide adapter, where should you connect an ATA CD-ROM drive?
    (A) On the floppy bus
    (B) On the primary IDE
    (C) On the secondary IDE
    (D) On the SCSI bus

15. Suppose that you have a maintenance package identifies several possible field replaceable units (FRUs) that will resolve the problem. What should you do after turning the power off?
    (A) Replace the indicated parts, one at a time in the recommended sequence, until the problem is resolved; return unused FRUs to stock
    (B) Replace all of the indicated FRUs at once and return the machine to the customer if the problem is resolved
    (C) Follow the same procedure as in and replace the system board first if it is on the list of possible FRUs If multiple FRUs are indicated, then software is the most likely source of the problem
    (D) None of the above

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