Hardware Engineering Interview Questions - Set 12 - ObjectiveBooks

Hardware Engineering Interview Questions - Set 12

Practice Test: Question Set - 12

1. RTS stands for:
    (A) Ready to start
    (B) Ready to switch
    (C) Request to send
    (D) Request to scan

2. What problem can occur if a printer cable is too close to a power cable?
    (A) ESD Electrostatic Discharge
    (B) EMI Electromagnetic Interference
    (C) Parity error
    (D) No affect

3. Which DOS driver is used to emulate expanded memory?
    (A) Himem.sys
    (B) EMM386.exe
    (C) Mem386.sys
    (D) Ramdrive.sys

4. A 25-pin female connector on the back of your computer will typically be:
    (A) Serial port 1
    (B) A parallel port
    (C) Docking
    (D) COM2 port

5. What command is used to hang up a MODEM when using the "AT Command set"?
    (A) ATZ
    (B) ATD
    (C) ATR
    (D) ATH

6. Which of the following FRUs would be considered both an input/output device?
    (A) Video board
    (B) SCSI host adapter
    (C) System board CPU
    (D) None of the above

7. A COM port is a ________ port.
    (A) Parallel
    (B) Serial
    (C) Static
    (D) SCSI

8. During boot-up, the memory test:
    (A) Is a superfluous step that should be ignored
    (B) Checks and verifies that contiguous memory is installed
    (C) Is an operational error
    (D) Displays what memory is installed, but nothing else

9. To find out how much memory is available, you could type __________
    (A) EMM
    (B) MEM
    (C) CHKDSK

10. During the fusing process, toner is:
    (A) Dry pressed into the paper
    (B) Electrically bonded to the paper
    (C) Melted into the paper
    (D) High pressure sprayed onto the paper

11. When connecting a ribbon cable to a connector, how do you know which direction to plug it in?
    (A) The red line in the cable goes to the highest pin number
    (B) The colored line in the cable goes to pin #1
    (C) It does not matter
    (D) The blue or red line in the cable goes away from the power connector

12. You have a system that periodically locks up. You have ruled out software, and now suspect that it is hardware. What should you do first that could help you narrow it down to the component at fault?
    (A) Rotate the RAM
    (B) Replace the RAM
    (C) Replace the level 2 cache SIMM
    (D) Disable the CPU cache in CMOS

13. After doing a low-level format, what would be the next step in configuring the hard drive in a system?
    (A) Format DOS partition
    (B) Install operating system
    (C) Configure DMA channel and back-up interrupt
    (D) Partition hard disk

14. What is the jumper setting on a SCSI device to configure it to use the fourth SCSI id? Remember, SCSI ids start with zero.
    (A) 010
    (B) 110
    (C) 011
    (D) 001

15. What's the best way to protect your hard drive data?
    (A) Regular backups
    (B) Periodically defrag it
    (C) Run scandisk at least once a week
    (D) Run a regular diagnostic

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