Hardware Engineering Questions Answers - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Hardware Engineering Questions Answers - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. Dust in a computer actually increases the size of the magnetic fields inside it. This is not good, so you must clean dust, I trust. What's the best way to do this?
    (A) Reverse vacuum
    (B) Any small vacuum device
    (C) Blow real hard on the system board
    (D) Non-static compressed air

2. Which monitor would provide the highest level of performance?
    (A) VGA
    (B) XGA
    (C) CGA
    (D) SVGA

3. You can have EISA and MCA devices in the same PC.
    (A) True
    (B) False

4. When you are testing a fuse, you should set the Volt-OHM meter to what scale?
    (A) AC
    (B) DC
    (C) AMPS
    (D) OHMS

5. Resistance is measured in units of:
    (A) Ohms
    (B) Farads
    (C) Amperes
    (D) Volts

6. A system has two IDE hard drives that are each divided into primary and extended partitions, which drive letter is assigned to the primary partition of the second drive?
    (A) C
    (B) D
    (C) E
    (D) F

7. A PCMCIA measuring 10.5mm is what type?
    (A) Type 1
    (B) Type 2
    (C) Type 1 and 3
    (D) Type 3

8. On a dot-matrix printer, regular lube maintenance should be followed, but this component should never be lubed:
    (A) Platten bearings
    (B) Carriage rails
    (C) Print-head
    (D) Paper advance bearings

9. 14.4 modem should transmit _______ bits per second
    (A) 14,400-15,000
    (B) 140-150
    (C) 1400-1500
    (D) 140,000-150,000

10. After you service a laser printer, you notice dirty print. Which of the following would correct the problem?
    (A) Clean the developer tank
    (B) Reset the printer
    (C) Run several blank pages
    (D) Clean the laser diode

11. The following process determines the amount of memory present, the date/ time, and which communications ports and display adapters are installed in a microcomputer?
    (A) Start-up utility test
    (B) Power on Self Test
    (C) Power up boot process
    (D) Power on start up process

12. When not in use, it is very important to keep 5 1/4 diskettes in _______.
    (A) Their protective sleeves
    (B) In a plastic bag
    (C) On a shelf in an upright position
    (D) In the floppy drive

13. What should he used to extinguish a computer fire?
    (A) Fire hose
    (B) Class a extinguisher
    (C) Class c extinguisher
    (D) Silver foam water

14. With a dot matrix printer, light then dark print is most commonly caused by:
    (A) Erratic paper advancement
    (B) Erratic ribbon advancement
    (C) Misaligned print head
    (D) Overheating print head

15. The POST routine, which counts system board RAM first, is stored in:
    (A) RAM
    (B) Microprocessor
    (C) ROM BIOS
    (D) CMOS

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