Hardware Science Online Test - Set 04 - ObjectiveBooks

Hardware Science Online Test - Set 04

Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. You run a super wing-ding diagnostic program on your PC, and it reports that your hard drive, microprocessor, RAM, and video card have seen better days. To resolve this problem you should:
    (A) Replace each part one at a time, rerunning the diagnostic before replacing the next part
    (B) Check to see if you have a software problem
    (C) Replace everything at once and rerun the diagnostic
    (D) Get another copy of the diagnostic program

2. Which of the following statements is true?
    (A) Two SCSI devices connected to a computer can have the same ID if they are both hard drives
    (B) Each SCSI device must have its own ID
    (C) All SCSI devices must have the same ID
    (D) SCSI ID's are irrelevant

3. Modems use transmission.
    (A) Synchronous
    (B) Asynchronous
    (C) Timed interval
    (D) Ata

4. When you boot a PC and don't hear any beep, this could suggest which of the following?
    (A) The monitor is turned off
    (B) Keyboard not plugged in
    (C) Normal PC boot
    (D) Bad or disconnected speaker

5. On a leased line installation a known good external modem shows no carrier detect light. Where is the problem most likely to be?
    (A) In the modem
    (B) In the phone line
    (C) In the computer
    (D) In the DTC equipment

6. One of the major components of a PC is the Central Processing Unit (CPU) which can be best described as:
    (A) The device that sends the monitor signals telling it what to display
    (B) The area that regulates all of the system power usage
    (C) The area where ail the of the Basic input/output routines are stored
    (D) The area where all of the processing takes place

7. What resistance in ohms should be displayed when testing a speaker in a computer?
    (A) Q Ohms
    (B) 16 Ohms
    (C) -200 Ohms
    (D) Unlimited Ohms

8. The monitor power LED is 'on' but the monitor screen is completely dark. The least likely cause of the problem is:
    (A) Defect in the computers video circuitry
    (B) Disconnected video cable
    (C) Defective monitor
    (D) System RAM problem

9. What device protects against line deficiencies?
    (A) Surge protector
    (B) UPS
    (C) Logic probe
    (D) Capacitor

10. "Parity" errors usually indicate bad memory
    (A) True
    (B) False

11. Which controller would support an external CD-ROM drive?
    (A) ESDI
    (B) ARLL
    (C) MFM
    (D) SCSI

12. In the Binary numbering system, a (1) represents a jumper being shorted and a (0) represents a jumper being open. On a three-bit jumper block on a SCSI drive, how would an ID of logical 3 be set?
    (A) 100
    (B) 010
    (C) 011
    (D) 0.101

13. You're on your PC at midnight and an electric storm pops up. What's the best way to protect your PC?
    (A) You don't worry; you have a lightning rod on your house
    (B) You don't worry; you've got a surge protector on your PC
    (C) You don't worry; you've got a surge protector on your PC and phone line to your modem
    (D) Unplug the PC and remove phone line from the modem

14. What are the most likely conditions for ESD?
    (A) Hot and dry
    (B) Hot and wet
    (C) Cold and dry
    (D) Cold and wet

15. A dialog box with a bomb appears on a Macintosh screen. What type of problem has occurred?
    (A) A RAM problem
    (B) A software problem
    (C) A ROM problem
    (D) An ADB problem

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