MCQ Practice Quiz Chemical Engineering - Set 10 - ObjectiveBooks

MCQ Practice Quiz Chemical Engineering - Set 10

Quiz Questions - Set 10

01. An engineer's hammer is made of high __________ steel.

02. The maximum axial compression stress during cold upsetting of a cylindrical rod of radius (r) occurs at

03. Hoope’s cell is predominantly used for the electrolytic refining of

04. The suction and delivery pressure for a two stage compressor are 1 and 25 atm respectively. The intermediate stage pressure would be around __________ atm.

05. Air refrigeration cycle is used in the air crafts, because of

06. The bulk modulus of a material with Poisson's ratio of 0.5 is equal to

07. A balanced draught boiler furnace employs __________ draught fan.

08. Production of one ton of steel plate in a modern integrated steel plant in India consumes about __________ kWh of electricity.

09. The type of water filter normally employed/ preferred for treating small quantities of water in railway stations and individual industries is the __________ filter.

10. Failure of a material is attributed to __________ if it fails below its yield point.

11. Heat treatment of steel is done to mainly change its __________ properties.

12. A machine having assumed life of 20 years is purchased for Rs 32000/-. Its scrap value at the end of its life is Rs 8000/-. If the depreciation is calculated by diminishing balance method, then percentage reduction in its value at the end of first year is __________ percent.

13. All modes of heat transfer i.e., conduction, convection & radiation occur in case of the

14. The maximum value, which the residual stress in a material can reach is the __________ of the material.

15. Pick out the wrong statement:

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