Mechanical Engineering Springs MCQ Test - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Mechanical Engineering Springs MCQ Test - Set 02

Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. When two concentric springs are made of same material, having same free length and compressed equally by axial load, then the load shared by each spring is proportional to
    (A) Spring index of each spring
    (B) Wire diameter of each spring
    (C) Mean coil diameter of each spring
    (D) Square of wire diameter of each spring

2. When the helical torsion spring is subjected to torque, the type of stress induced in the spring wire is,
    (A) Tensile stress
    (B) Compressive stress
    (C) Bending stress
    (D) Torsional shear stress

3. The type of spring used to achieve greater load carrying capacity within given space is
    (A) Spiral spring
    (B) Springs in series
    (C) Multi-leaf spring
    (D) Concentric springs

4. The type of spring used in valve mechanism is,
    (A) Helical extension spring
    (B) Multi-leaf spring
    (C) Spiral spring
    (D) Helical torsion spring

5. The type of spring used in vehicle clutches is,
    (A) Helical compression spring
    (B) Belleville spring
    (C) Both (A) and (B)
    (D) Helical torsion spring

6. The spring operates
    (A) Within plastic limit
    (B) Within elastic limit
    (C) Within elasto-plastic limit
    (D) Within visco-elastic limit

7. The type of spring used to absorb and release energy in mechanical watches is
    (A) Helical extension spring
    (B) Multi-leaf spring
    (C) Spiral spring
    (D) Helical torsion spring

8. Two springs of stiffness k1 and k2 are connected in series, the combined
    (A) k1k2/k1 + k2
    (B) k1k2/k1 - k2
    (C) k1 + k2
    (D) k1 + k2/k1k2

9. The function of automotive multi-leaf spring is

    (A) To measure the force
    (B) To store and release energy
    (C) To absorb shocks and vibrations
    (D) To activate the mechanism

10. The spring index is,
    (A) Ratio of wire diameter to mean coil diameter
    (B) Force per unit cross-sectional area of spring
    (C) Ratio of mean coil diameter to wire diameter
    (D) Force required to produce unit deflection

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