Multiple Choice Quiz Chemical Engineering - Set 08 - ObjectiveBooks

Multiple Choice Quiz Chemical Engineering - Set 08

Quiz Questions - Set 08

01. Boiler rating is normally done in terms of

02. Which of the following polymers is obtained by copolymerisation of three monomers?

03. The most commonly used material for sewers for carrying sewage in the normal situation is

04. Stellite is a trade name for the

05. Boiling temperature of carbon dioxide at atmospheric pressure is __________ °C.

06. Lead percentage in pure galena is about

07. Impeller & casing of centrifugal pump handling corrosive liquid and frequently running under cavitation condition is most prone to __________ corrosion.

08. Pick out the wrong statement about powder metallurgy technique.

09. Nitriding of steel is a process for

10. The dimensions of Planck's constant is the same as that of the

11. The path and movements followed by men, materials & equipments in executing the activities is indicated by the

12. The capacity of a material to absorb energy depends upon both its strength & stiffness. The term 'stiffness' of a material is the opposite of its

13. Pick out the wrong statement.

14. Which of the following metals cannot be extracted by Pyrometallurgical process from its sulphide ore?

15. The increase in hardness of metal due to its cold working is termed as the __________ hardening.

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